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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    Argh why are the color lighting different. Bah.
    The yellow lighting ones are so unnatural.


    1. Christina - Christina does so well in vintage shoots, it's such a shame she has to go. She is definitely perfect for high fashion. She only has trouble relating to Covergirl, but I'm sure my girl will do great in her latter time. I love this shoot to death. It's not a stiff face, and I barely noticed her slouch.
    2. Brittany - Gorgeous. Even though she looks thick, it's really elegant, and the face expresses something really nice.
    3. Kahlen - I can't see her "special-ness" shine through. It's just mediocre for me. Just a really normal sylph.
    4. Naima - Plain. Snore
    5. Keenyah- Terrible. She looks like the hybrid of a bodybuilder Tarzan's girlfriend and a cavewoman.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    I haven't seen any of the episodes, so my opinion is based on photos only.

    1. Naima: I really don't get why people think this is so bad...lack of expression? None of the other girls had any expression as I see it. She definetely has the best pose, and the most beautiful picture overall.

    2. Brittany: I think the pose is a little akward, but I think she looks beautiful. The look on her face doesn't match the body, though.

    3. Kahlen: I think it's the lighting that makes this picture beautiful and special, not the model, sorry.

    4. Christina: I really don't see what is so great about this picture, don't like the face or the body or the costume...

    5. Keenyah: Hmm...looks a little cheap.
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    1. Khalen - A lot of people and critics have deemed her innocent and it really showed in her picture. In a good way.

    2. Brittany - I'm not too crazy about the body but I love the close-up.

    3. Christina - I actually liked her face. I didn't like that leg.

    5. Keenyah - The only reason why she's here is because her face looked better than naima's

    4. Naima - I usually love her pictures. But the face isn't impressive at all. Which is a disappointment because she's one of my top 2 favorites. I hope she steps it up next week.

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    1. Christina
    2. Naima
    3. Brittany
    4. Kahlen
    5. Keenyah

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    1. Christina - Perfect picture - the fact that she went home over Keenyah and Naima - both of whom I thought gave terrible pics this week is maddening.

    2. Kahlen - Great shot. It was a lucky shot though, but you can't argue w/ the camera's results.

    3. Brittany - Decent.

    4. Naima - She has one of the most boring faces ever. Ick.

    5. Keenyah - Okay - now she really needs to go, and clearly she is going home next.

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    1. Brittany
    2. Christina
    3. Naima
    4. Kahlen
    5. Keenyah

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    Quote Originally Posted by deb1430
    5.Keenyah-cause i just dont like this bitch
    Might I remind some of you that you are supposed to ranking the photos, not the girls personalitites.

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    1. Brittany
    2. Kahlen
    3. Naima
    4. Christina
    5. Keenyah

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    Canyon Shoot:

    1. Brittany (great face and I like the body--it's not stick thin, but that's what makes it sexy)
    2. Christina (there's something very 70s sexy about this shot--she's not the most beautiful of the girls, but she shows real vulnerability here)
    3. Kahlen (as a full shot, this is great, but the closeup is a bit too startled springbok)
    4. Naima (what an amazing body, but the eyes are completely dead)
    5. Keenyah (flabby and the closeup looks like she's about to cry--she lost me when she started gluing straw over her belly)

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