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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    Nik.Nicole.Bre.Lisa bhanson's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    5. Christina
    4. Kahlen
    3. Brittany
    2. Keenyah
    1. Naima

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    1. Kahlen: very nymph-like and natural, I like the parted lips
    2. Naima: best pose of the group, but face a little weak, though not as bad as Nole said
    3. Christina: sorta slouchy and awkward, I'm not really feeling any emotion in her face either
    4. Brittany: I'm not really crazy about this pic, her arms look awkward, the mud isn't flattering, and her face is exactly the same as it is in most of her pictures (talk about Naima only having a few faces)
    5. Keenyah: her stomach looks very un-modelly despite her efforts to camouflage it, and like Brittany, it's the same face she has in most of her photos

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    1. Brittany (gorgeous all around)
    2. Kahlen (gorgeous face, but the pose is a little awkward)
    3. Christina (beautiful, ethereal stare, her most beautiful picture actually - this was her highest point imo, this is where she showed what she is, great innocent pose)

    ::::big big big gap::::

    4. Naima (bad face, but good pose)
    5. Keenyah (bad pose, good face, but nothing special, nothing memorable)

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    5. Keenyah - maybe it's just because she ticked me off that I'm putting her here, but that wouldn't be fair. Her picture wasn't horrible, but it didn't stick out above any of the other four. When I made the list (I started at one), it was like "Who'd I forget?" Yawn.
    4. Naima - the pose was nice but the face was blank.
    3. Brittany - that back drop was very pretty, as was her face. No real problems, though not better than my top two (IMO).
    2. Kahlen - not her best, but I loved how angelic and ethereal she looked.
    1. Christina - she was beautiful. I think a few people have said in other threads that she looked like a flower child. I liked it!

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    1.Brittany-Looked like it was taken out of a magazine or something. 'twas gorgeous.
    2.Kahlen-very nymph like. Colors of the environment and clothing matched. Lighting was effective. Face could have been better. I llike it nonetheless. Looked like it was taken long ago.
    3.Naima - Face looks completely drained, but pretty. I loved her pose the best.
    4.Christina - Nice face. Don't like the pose that much. Her left leg up was unflattering to me because you could see her calf muscles too much. Looks like it was taken long ago.
    5.Keenyah - Didn't like her clothing. Her pose could have been better.

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    1.Kahlen-i dont understand what the judges where saying that this was her worse photo, I thought this picture was her best.

    2.Naima-i love her pose, most difficult pose of the bunch but her face does look drained.

    3.Brittany-looks like a young Janice

    4.Christina-I did not like her pose but loved the face

    5.Keenyah-cause i just dont like this bitch

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    1. Brittany - Not her greatest but out of the bunch, it's the one I remember most.
    2. Naima - Love the pose, face was lacking quite a bit though.
    3. Kahlen - Expected more from Kahlen, maybe my bias for her backfired. Still decent photo however.
    4. Christina - I wish I could place this girl higher because her face looks so naturally beautiful in this shoot. Sadly, there's only 5 girls left.
    5. Keenyah - The pose was not great, but it wasn't horrible. Her face is not great, but it wasn't horrible. Nothing standout at all.

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    1. Love Kahlen's picture, everything about it was perfect, she seem so natural and love the puffy hair
    2. Brittany - She looks even more like Janice in this pic, but I have to agree with Keenyah, the body does seem a little stiff.
    3. Naima - I like the pose, but she could done more facial expression. They could of picked a better picture.
    4. Christina - I liked the face and the outfit and I didn't like how her back was hunched over.
    5. Keenyah - I didn't like the pose, the body, or the face. It looks like she is dirty in the face, she looks dirty, dirty all over.

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    I hated keenyah's elephant shot. I was hoping she'd be eliminated as opposed to michelle.

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    over here!!!
    1. Naima
    2. Brit
    3. Christina
    5. Keenyah
    "this love is unbreakable..."

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