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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    1. Naima- Love the pose, and the way she is holding the bottle. Definitely the best.
    2. Kahlen- I love her eyes in this, and her pose is great.
    3. Brittany- I love the look, but the stick looks like it's covering her leg.
    4. Christina- Wrong pose, wrong animal, but a nice picture.
    5. Keenyah- At least she looks like she is trying to be an elephant.
    6. Michelle- The pose is ALL wrong....she isn't an animal at all. She is just posing as a model...you have to at least GET the idea of the shoot.
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    1. Kahlen
    2. Naima
    3. Christina
    4. Michelle
    5. Brittany
    6. Keenyah

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    6. Keenyah -- ouch.
    5. Michelle -- just a model (maybe) in a zebra-like couture outfit. no pose.
    4. Brittany -- very good but someone has to take 4th place
    3. Kahlen -- really got her animal and looks great
    2. Christina -- same as Kahlen, plus the "leg" she's giving really sells the product
    1. Naima -- so awesome. I love this shot.
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    1. Brittany
    2. Kahlen
    3. Naima
    4. Christina
    5. Michelle
    6. Keenya

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    1. Naima-Perfection...absolute perfection. This pose reminds me of Norelle's swimsuit one from C3. Janice didn't like that one either.
    2. Brittany -her face is beautiful...it reminded me of Princess leia from Star wars.
    3. Christina -beautiful, graceful. I was going to give her second, but then I looked at her closeup, and even though her eyes look great, the jawline isn't very complimentary.
    4. Michelle- It's not great...the pose is awkward, she's not selling the lotion, the hand holding it looks twisted...she doesn't resemble a zebra, and her wardrobe is tacky. Although, I guess its not her fault.
    5 Kahlen- I am not really a fan of this picture. Her gestures don't look like a Springbok. And Kahlen really loses it in her face, especially the expression in her eyes and mouth. It is really weak.

    6. Keenyah-I won't say anything...I think the judges said enough.

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    1. Kahlen - this girl does the best animals! I think the bottle is positioned better than Naima's which is what tipped it to 1st for me.
    2. Naima - wonderful! I love this photo; although the head-on shot of the croc isn't as nice as the ones where it was sideways.


    3. Christina - I like it, even if it is a little stiff
    4. Keenyah - I hate to say it, and if it weren't massively retouched it would be last, but I like the feeling of this shot.
    5. Michelle - not bad, just not great.
    6. Brittany - her face looks wonderful, but when I look at the overall picture, all I can think of is a friend with MS who has to use two canes to walk. SFG is right; she does indeed look stilted.
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    1. Brittany
    2. Naima
    3. Christina
    4. Kahlen
    5. Michelle
    6. Keenyah

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    6. Michelle
    5. Chrisitna
    4. Keenyah
    3. Brittany
    2. Kahlen
    1. Naima

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    6. Keenyah - she couls have worked the elephant thing - I love elephants - but if they had to touch her 12 lbs, not to mention, the rest of it does nothing for me.
    5. Naima - it was a good picture but all her pictures seem the same to me, so she never stick in my mind. I had to look up at other's lists to see who I forgot.
    4. Michelle - I liked her picture, but I agree she had to go. It seemed like she was crying at almost every elimination meeting. I like her though. She seems really nice.
    3. Brittany - I agree with whatever judge said that she looks great when she tones her face down (personality-wise)
    2. Christina - she worked the whole leg thing, and face and makeup even seem birdlike to me
    1. Kahlen - she really is a chameleon

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    Kahlen - fantastic model, the face almost looks painted on, very beautiful.
    Christina - looks very pretty, really softened her look.
    Naima - a little plain to me, good facial expression.
    Michelle - nice facial expression, boring.
    Brittany - dull, as usual, but a fine pose with what she had.
    Keenyah - awful, as expected. i really don't like her.

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