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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    1. Naima
    2. Brittany
    3. Kahlen
    4. Tatiana
    (ALl four girls nailed their shoots)


    5. Christina (She looks like a tranny in hers but OK)
    6. Michelle (Looks trashy but better than what the judges said)


    7. Keenyah (She nailed gluttony, alright)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milay
    I couldn't have said it better!

    Letian dude great minds think alike. I just made a post about the Dior 2000 show (in Michelle's thread), with the bleached hair and small eyebrows. Yeah, totally on point!

    1) Kahlen (The whole concept is beautiful, the emotions on Kahlen's face and the body language/pose - I'm happy for her).
    2) Michelle (Very high fashion, I love the body - looks like Michelle lost some weight, great face expressions. She did her thing even though she had all of these elements to work against.)
    3) Christina (I'm having a hard time translating her facial expression and it sure is only one, looks totally sexy but then again there's a sense of lust in there somewhere. Very tense.)
    4) Brittany (She looks solid, definitely "I've pooped my pants" facial expression. Doing the same puffy lip face and the pose is well...dead.)
    5) Naima (Seeing the final picture post show, I think her body position is good and that was mainly a result of her having an advantage by being half naked. Her face looks terrible, very dead and deer caught in the...well you know the rest )
    6) Tatiana (Her facial expression was great no doubt but WTH is going on with her body position, especially her legs? :nono )
    7) Keenyah (Looks boring, no effort whatsoever with the make up, very McDonald's).

    Thanks Milay

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    I just realized that Tatiana has absolutely no leg movement in her photo. It looks like she is just standing on the wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t_ffy
    1. Naima- she looked AMAZING!
    2. Kahlen- Looked great! Looked...angry!
    3. Christina- Her body looks beautiful, and her eyes look like 'you want me'
    4. Tatiana- good face, I think she should have done more with her legs
    5. Brittany- she doesn't look very good in this photo
    6. Michelle- I don't like any of it, it just is ugh...
    7. Keenyah- goodness me...just look at it!
    1. Christina
    2. Naima
    3. Kahlen
    4. Tatiana
    5. Brittany
    6. Keenyah
    7. Michelle

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    7. Keenyah - Its supposed to be Gluttony, she actually looks disgusted.
    6. Tatiana - Her eyes are her trademark. Shoulda kept them open
    5. Brittany - Just not feelin it
    4. Michelle - Not Great, but not as bad as what the judges said it was
    3. Christina - really good for her, but could've been better.
    2. Naima - Awesome photo, but what is she representing?
    1. Kahlen - Really captured Wrath, great photo.

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    Whirl Wind
    7. Michelle
    6. Tatiana
    5. Keenyah
    4. Kahlen
    3. Brittany
    2. Naima
    1. Christina

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    1} Naima
    2} Kahlen
    3} Brittany
    4} Tatiana
    5} Christina
    6} Michelle
    7} Keenyah

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    1. Christina - what an amazing photo
    2. Brittany - I actually really liked it... go figure.
    3. Kahlen - Not modelesque - but she captured the emotion well.
    4. Keenyah - Gluttony had to be the most difficult sin to pull off - look hot surrounded by bacon fat.
    5. Tatiana - She looked like european royalty.
    6. Naima - Another overrated photo - by an overrated contestant
    7. Michelle - Yikes!!! and I really like her too!

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    1. Kahlen (grrrreat, i liked how she channeled her sorrow through the anger, in the end we get a great result)
    2. Christina (unrecognizeably beautiful, she always amazes me - i hope she goes far in the competition)
    3. Tatiana (i really liked it, great shot, beautiful face, actually it's her most beautiful shot since the 1-800-Flowers)
    4. Naima (great concept and pose, green looks good, but bad facial expression)
    5. Brittany (a little zombieish, like someone mentioned, but there's something there nonetheless)
    6. Michelle (oh Michelle, Michelle..... well part of it was the "Miss Divine" raised eyebrows make-up, i don't know what they expected when they deliberately made her look like a drag queen)
    7. Keenyah (50 Cent is waitn for ya babe)

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    1. Kahlen: Get mad girl! I think she's great.
    2. Christina: I agree with what everyone on the show said. This was her first showing of emotion. And it worked.
    3. Naima: Given that she had the least to work with in props and clothing, she rocked it. You can see the ballerina in her in the pose.
    4. Brittany: She had the second least to work with, and I think with what she had, she looks great.
    5. Michelle: They were too harsh on her. It's not the best picture, but I think she was a lot closer to getting pride than the judges said.
    6. Tatiana: The spreading of her legs looks bad. I know when I cuddle with money, I don't spread my legs. I more go into a fetal position of curling up.
    7. Keenyah: Nothing is right about this picture. I know the props, makeup, and wardrobe sucked, but she did nothing to help them.

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