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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    10) Tiffany - Lil Kim aint got nuthin on this slutcake.
    9) Lluvy - I had my fingers crossed that she'd pull through, but it looks like the only thing she was pulling was her oxygen supply from her face. My grandmother looks more fierce pre-shower, 6am.
    8) Christina - is her hair magnetically attracted to her body? it always seems to *zzzzap* right to her face.
    7) Naima - She has those legs spread something awful. The face sucks. Almost looks like she's imitating Tatiana in the face
    6) Keenyah - The photo sucks, but this is the best her body's looked all season. She looks 20 pounds lighter than her usual, waistless self.
    5) Kahlen - "Kahlen dosen't need to wait for her man to finish up in the shower anymore, with new and improved Herbal Essences Outdoor. All you need is rain and a throught provoking sex-face!" This shot is soooooo cheesy. This is how I posed for my camera when I was 12.
    4) Michelle - "No, I'm not stuck, I just hung myself up to dry!" Fierce photo with a hint of abstract in it.

    Punch three more of Brandy's teeth out and compare the gap.

    3) Tatiana - Finally we see the models come out. This girl deffinately knows what she's doing.
    2) Rebecca - This is perfection, in my opinion. She needs to stop smiling in every picture, but her body is flawless. Look at the calves, they're toned and sexy, and I'd buy those shoes. The curve of her back is immaculate, the sprawled hands work for her, but she eliminated her neck, which is a faux pas.
    1) Brittany - A well deserved leap to the front of the pack. Listen up, waif-bitches, AA made a come-back

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vivican
    Wet and Wild
    9) Lluvy - I had my fingers crossed that she'd pull through, but it looks like the only thing she was pulling was her oxygen supply from her face. My grandmother looks more fierce pre-shower, 6am.
    faint! that was so funny! omg faint
    "this love is unbreakable..."

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    From worst to best..

    10. Lluvy; for once, someone looks more XXX than Brittany.
    9. Michelle; she looks like she's going to eat me. 'nuff said.
    8. Tiffany; that is the most hideous facial expression I've ever seen. Oh no wait, Kelle..

    7. Keenyah; she has no idea what she's doing in this pic.
    6. Naima; she looks mean, and that is not a good look for her.
    5. Tatiana; too bad there's nothing you can do about her face.
    4. Rebecca; the body pose rocks. Someone should wipe the smirk off her face, though.

    3. Kahlen; it's cheesy, but at least she looks good.. something that was apparently hard to do in this shoot.
    2. Christina; look what she can do when she controls her eyes.
    1. Brittany; can anyone say, Janice Dickinson pre-botox?

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    10. Tiffany...just...scary
    9. Lluvy...just..weird
    8. Keenyah...just...blah
    7. Naima...it does look crotchy and she looks butch
    6. Brittany...close your mouth...her face is kinda blurred so it wasn't the greatest
    5. Michelle...nice pose...carrie face
    4. Rebecca...love her back, it's so snake like...face, gotta change it
    3. Tatiana...don't like her eyes...then again, what else are you suppose to do when theres rain and wind in your face?...sexy
    2. Christina...pretty darn good...loving her more and more
    1. Kahlen: no it's not cheesy...i don't know why people keep on saying that...she did her job well...sell sexiness and she did it

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    10. Lluvy (if she had closed her mouth a bit, she would look ten times better)
    9. Tiffany (her body looks great, but that face )
    8. Rebecca (i think her face looks awful...the pose is ok)
    7. Naima (my girl is really about to slip down a few rankings. I'm SURE she had a better pic in there somewhere, but this is just whoa)
    6. Keenyah (just a weak photo)
    5. Michelle (her body looks great, but i don't like her eyes at all in this pic)
    4. Tatiana (she looks super butch in my opinion, but her face doesn't looks smushed up for once)
    3. Christina (surprisingly good photo)
    2. Brittany (pulls off the sexy look quite nicely)
    1. Kahlen (she's so top 3 material)

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    10. Tiffany
    09. Rebecca
    08. Lluvy
    07. Keenyah

    ::huge arse gap::

    06. Tatiana
    05. Naima
    04. Christina
    03. Michelle
    02. Kahlen
    01. Brittany
    Ich liebe dich!

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    10: Lluvy: Looks like someone in a low-rent version of Maxim magazine.
    09: Tiffany: Looks like they snapped the pic right when she got a face full of water
    08: Michelle: not a good week close-up. Body-wise, I'd rate her higher.
    07: Christina: Not bad. Not the greatest, either.


    06: Keenyah: I guess that body massage relaxed the hell out of her posing ability.
    05: Rebecca: Body screams sexy, face screams milkshake. Very confusing.
    04: Kahlen: I've seen little girls do this pose. Cute, but meh


    03: Naima: So what if it's crotchy, it's sexy as hell!
    02: Tatiana: Best pic this girl has taken since she got there. Simply gorgeous!

    *bigger gap*

    01: The one, the only Brittany! She OWNED everyone this week. Guess the massages worked better for her than Keenyah!

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    10. Tiffany (Uh, her face is terrible for the second time)
    9. Keenyah (Oh man, what happened to you?!?!)
    8. Lluvy (I love the red lips, I actually like this shot, the background is better than the others)
    7. Michelle (Face is quite good, but its much worse that what she can magically do...)
    6. Naima (At least your not 2nd to last girl, just a notch better - yet still dont see how your versatile enough)
    5. Rebecca (Hey it's sexy, in a very cheap and coquettish way. Its good, didn't deserve to be in final 2.)
    4. Tatiana (Beautiful pose!)
    3. Christina (I love it. It is Miss Wonder Woman! <3)
    2. Kahlen (Yes like someone mentioned, she does look short)
    1. Brittany (Sexy pose, amazing for a cover, wonderful body, lovely background, lovely lighting)
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    10. Tiffany
    9. Tatiana
    8. Rebecca
    7. Christina
    6. Lluvy
    5. Keenyah
    4. Christina
    3. Kahlen
    2. Naima
    1. Brittany

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    10) Tiffany (What the hell is she doing?)
    9) Naima (Way toooooo butch)
    8) Keenyah (I am soo dissapointed)
    7) Christina (Nice Improvement, not one bit scary at all, but not sexy too)
    6) Lluvy (Great Improvement)
    5) Michelle (Nice body, but not soo nice closeup)
    4) Tatiana (Ditto, but I like her more )
    3) Brittany (Her forte!! She looks sexy! Terrific pose)
    2) Kahlen (Awesome)
    1) Rebecca (Very Ghetto, I like!)

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