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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    Oooookay, here we go, (this is just for full body shots):

    12. Naima: Totally disappointing.
    11. Lluvy: Aw hun, they really didn't give you much to work with here.
    10. Brandi: Boring. Plus I don't like you.
    09:Tatiana: I seem to be in the minority here but I think she looks awkward, especially on the right half.
    06.Tiffany: Haha, oh those claws...

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    It seems to me that most you are picking your favorites to be on #1. However, I am ranking based on their overall performance and progression...

    12. Lluvy (the worst photo of the bunch...so what if she had too much stuff on her face, she's suppose to work with it...still no versatility)
    11. Noelle (I don't see her going vey far)
    10. Naima (what happened...expression is lost...ballerina?)
    9. Rebecca (safe pose, safe facial expression...not the virgn that everyone wants)
    8.Brandy (Does have a beautiful face...but her attitude is just something the judges can't bare)
    7.Tiffany (mysterious...also nice body and face)
    6. Brittany (Great...she still comes off a bit too sexy...great progess nonetheless)
    5.Tatiana (Very pretty girl and nice body...)
    4.Michelle (captured aquarius wonderfully)
    3.Kahlen (Good comeback from last week...very strong face)
    2.Christina (Very impressive...shows good growth like brittany...she is growing on me)
    1.Keenyah (hasn't taken a bad photo yet and like what nigel said "a face to die for")

    To tell you the truth, most of them were pretty good and it was really hard to rank them (the ones from 1-8)

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    If Im too late, sorry

    12. Lluvy
    11. Noelle
    10. Tiffany
    9. Brandy
    8. Brittany
    7. Naima
    6. Rebecca
    5. Tatiana
    4. Michelle
    3. Keenyah
    2. Kahlen
    1. Christina

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    Whirl Wind
    Zodiac Rankings

    12. Brandy
    11. Lluvy
    10. Tiffany
    9. Kahlen
    8. Brittany
    7. Naima
    6. Rebecca
    5. Keenyah
    4. Christina
    3. Michelle
    2. Tatiana
    1. Noelle

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Please don't muck up the thread with comments on other people's opinions. This is not a discussion thread; read the thread you are posting on. Rank the photos to participate in the game.
    I can keep repeating this every ten days - that's fine by me. The place to discuss the photos is in the photo thread, not here.

    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Zodiac Pictures

    12- Noelle
    11- Lluvy
    10- Naima
    9- Brandy :phhht
    8- Tatiana :rolleyes
    7- Tiffany :rolleyes
    6- Christina
    5- Rebecca
    4- Kalhen
    3- Brittany
    2- Keenyah
    1- Michelle
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    1. Brandy - The girl is fierce and graceful
    2. Michelle - must say she really pulled it off
    3. Brittany - The legs look perfect, almost sculpted!
    4. Tiffany - She worked wit those claws, body = fierce, close-up = not so hot
    5. Kahlen - Worked the face, the pose was a tad bit sensless
    6. Tatiana - Looked OK, facial expression was uncomfortable.
    7. Christina - Lover her body and pose but I hate her face
    8. Lluvy - at this point, Lluvy did better than any of the other girls. Her Photo WASNT that bad
    9. Naima - Hands = dead, face = sad, scared, andu unsure
    10. Rebecca - She just looks blah
    11. Keenyah - I hate her face in this photo, and for a "bull" she sure is shy (covering herself)
    12. Noelle - The girl looks like the cowardly lion. Scared, stiff, and un comfortable.

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    1. Lluvy (I love Lluvy she looked like Nemo she achived fishiness wich was her objective NO ONE ROCKS HARDER than Lluvy)
    2. Keenyah (she just rocked it)
    3. Brittany (Hot)
    4. Kahlen (she looked cute..I didn't like her leg though)
    5. Rebecca (her close up was AWEsome)
    6. Michelle (as much as it hurts me to say this...she didn't look THAT horrible here)
    7. Tatiana (this picture did nothing for me)
    8. Christina (I don't care if they think her eyes look softer they STILL frighten me)
    9. Naima :nono (you can do soooooo much better)
    10. Brandy :phhht (ew)
    11. Noelle :nono (it's not your fault..I blame them for putting leopard on you when you're a lion)
    12. Tiffany (I'm so so sorry Tiffany but you look like Zorro/Faust back from the red lobster on crack may I apologise again)

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    12. Lluvy (Worst Photo in history!)
    11. Noelle (Shoulda eliminated HER!)
    10. Naima (DISSAPOINTMENT!)
    9. Rebecca (Blah)
    8. Tiffany (OK... to me)
    7. Christina (Pretty, but somethin's missing....hmm)
    5. Brittany
    4. Keenyah (She looks gorgeous in the close up!)
    3. Tatiana
    2. Michelle
    1. Kahlen (I like the pose! i like the face, the makeup, the hair, the clothes, i just LOVE THE PICTURE!)

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    1 kahlen
    2 keenyah
    3 brittany
    4 michelle
    5 rebecca
    6 christina
    7 tiffany
    8 tatiana
    9 brandy
    10 noelle
    11 naima
    12 lluvy

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