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Thread: Best Photo Award

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    Nik.Nicole.Bre.Lisa bhanson's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    12. Lluvy
    10. Noelle
    9. Christina
    8. Naima
    7. Tiffany
    6. Rebecca
    5. Brandy
    4. Brittany
    3. Kahlen
    2. Michelle
    1. Keenyah

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    Team Renee//Team Sarah// DreamOf1000Cats's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by trimspa
    edit: ^^^you're missing Michelle
    12. Noelle - God could she be anymore plain? I just don't think she is a top model candidate at all. AWFUL.

    11. Naima - I agree w/ Tyra, this was a huge disappointment. I say worse than the Lluvy photo.

    10. Lluvy - I love the girl but she does need to mix up her facial expressions - I didn't like the pound of sequins however. Nor the fishnet. I'm defending her bad photo! The styling!

    9. Tiffany - I don't get her. I especially didn't like the resurgence of Old Tiffany. The photo isn't sexy at all in my opinion.

    8. Rebecca - Meh. It was decent, but I still think she looks too safe. She's cute - but she doesn't have like an "art" to her face.

    7. Tatiana - She def looks a model, but I just don't like it all that much.

    6. Brittany - I hate her. However, I will keep an open mind. It wasn't a bad photo and she took the criticism well.

    5. Michelle - she's good!

    4. Brandy - I hate her even more, but the girl could take a good photo -- in all honesty I'm glad she is gone - but her photo was one of the best in my opinion.

    3. Keenyah - Love her. Love the photo. She's my favorite in the competition.

    2. Kahlen - I am an Aries, so I'm really glad she pulled it off. It was an amazing photo.

    1. Christina - She looks like art. She was gorgeous. The photo was amazing. Loved it.

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    12. Noelle
    11. Tiffany
    10. Lluvy
    9. Brandy
    8. Naima
    7. Kahen
    6. Britanny
    5. Rebecca
    4. Keenyah
    3. Christina
    2. Michelle / Tatiana
    1. Tatiana / Michelle

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    I basically did my opinions on the close up pictures

    12.LLuvy- Erm just a little weird mostly the make-up artist's fault but still...weird.
    11.Brandy- I think she needs to work on making her skin look better..too late for that.
    10.Naima- NAIMA I love ya but her face looks kind of timid and it doesn't show off anything like her bone structure or a good facial feature, it's just not working.
    09.Tiffany- Killer pose, especially with those huge claws, her face needs to have more grace in it.
    08.Tatiana- Wish I could have seen more of her face instead of the two composited together.
    07. Rebecca- It looks pretty regular, it's like she just took an everyday picture.
    06.Brittany- I liked Brittany's picture, it's just the one eye that bothered me.
    05.Christina- It looks sort of plain but sort of like an sexy angelic pose.
    04.Noelle- I actually love this photo of her face it shows off her bone structure, and she's a very pretty girl which made the close up look even better.
    03.Keenyah- I love this close-up of Keenyah hopefully she'll continue to do well!
    02.Michelle- Surprisingly I absolutely love this photo she has that goddess look going on which is really great look for her.
    01.Kahlen- Whoa. Just whoa. Kahlen's close-up pic was just fierce.

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    I can only separate them into chunks:

    Tiffany (an about-face from last night; the claws are just TOO stupid in retrospect)


    Top Three
    3. Keenyah - like it, but not as dynamic as I thought it was last night
    2. Kahlen - very powerful!
    1. Michelle - never thoough I'd admit it, but I love everything about this picture, even the big shoulders and flower-bedecked neck.
    Token Christian.

    If truth is relative, how do you know?

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    12) Noelle
    11) Naima
    10) Tatiana
    9) Lluvy
    8) Tiffany
    7) Brandy
    6) Rebecca
    5) Michelle
    4) Brittany
    3) Keenyah
    2) Kahlen
    1) Christina

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    Anya | Kata | Aimee so into you's Avatar
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    Hong Kong
    12) Naima
    11) Lluvy
    10) Noelle
    9) Rebecca
    8) Tiffany
    7) Brandy
    6) Tatiana
    5) Keenyah
    4) Christina
    3) Brittany
    2) Michelle <33333GASPPPPPPPP
    1) Kahlen
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    Tech Noire
    12 - Noelle (I like her personality but this is maybe not the career for her)

    11 - Lluvy (horribly hampered by sequins, true, but still only ever has the one expression in pictures)

    10 - Christina (meh.)

    09 - Naima (she is one of my favorites but I am really underwhelmed by this photo)

    08 - Tatiana (don't love it, but it doesn't suck either)

    07 - Rebeccah (see above)

    06 - Brandy (I don't like her at all, but it's a good shot)

    05 - Keenyah (I think she takes great pictures)

    04 - Tiffany (look at that fabulous face! and saddled with those stupid claws too!)

    03 - Michelle (wow)

    02 - Brittany (also wow ... and hooray for not looking porn!)

    01 - Kahlen (This picture is fantastic ... go Kahlen!)

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    12 noelle
    11 christina (she looks like she has a skin disease and her face just bothers me.)
    10 naima
    9 keenyah (she looks so confused)
    8 lluvy (i think for what they gave her, she worked it well. i seriously couldnt imagine many of the other girls taking as good a picture in that)
    7 brandy
    6 tiffany (again, bad makeup. this picture just makes me laugh.)
    5 rebecca (yawn)
    (BIIIIG gap)
    4 tatiana
    3 brittany
    2 kahlen
    1 michelle

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    New York, USA
    12brandy ( i don't like the shot )
    11lluvy ( her body pose sucks )
    10noelle ( she just looks blahh )
    9naima ( disappointed in her shot this time )
    8michelle ( i dont understand why everyone likes her so much. i think that her pics arent too great )
    7kahlen ( she can do better. it must have been being a hairy animal )
    6tiffany ( it was an ok shot )
    5keenyah ( i like her face, looks sorta hazy, which is good )
    4rebecca ( she just looks great in this shot )
    3christina ( no more STARING eyes, and it looks graceful )
    2brittany ( BIG improvement, i like her body pose )
    1tatiana ( as a gemini myself, she looks so smooth in this pic. props to her! )

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