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Thread: The Amazing Story Race (star): Revived-your Vote Counts

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    AR Boy

    The Amazing Story Race (star): Revived-your Vote Counts

    Fans of TAR:
    STAR is back and ready!
    You can vote your least favorite team off by PMing me with your least favorite team as the title of the PM or in the body of the text.

    PM: AR BOY
    Body: ?????

    Due to the positive response from my trial 1/4 leg, this is the first FULL leg that should of arrived ages ago. I aplogize for the delay. A new leg to come every week or bi-weekly.

    Blake and Paige(2)
    Team Chachacha (Oswald+Danny) (2)
    Chip and Kim(5)

    The starting line for STAR (The Amazing Story Race) starts at the Indianapolis Grand Prix Circuit. The teams were lined up across the starting line.

    Time: 12:30 pm
    Phil was gleaming. He opened his mouth and said
    “This is a race around the world. The race will be a mixture of social skills, your knowledge and your strength. This will forever change your relationship with your partner. In a few minutes, you will start a journey around the world for $1,000,000. When I give you the word, you will run to the clue box to get your first clue.”


    The sounds of footsteps were to be heard as the ground shook. First to the box, Blake and Paige read out their clue. To everyone’s surprise, they had to figure out where they needed to go to. The Riddle is as follows:
    Go to the F1 driver list next to the clue box and find the answer to this question:
    What do these Formula 1 drivers have in common?
    1. Rubens Barrichello
    2. Christiano Da Matta
    3. Antonia Pizzonia
    4. Ricardo Zonta
    5. Felipe Massa

    (Answer: They are all Brazilian.)

    When they get the answer to the riddle, they will give their answer to the pit crew member who is standing next to the box, who will give them their next clue and a key to a marked car to drive themselves to the airport and they will need to make their own arrangements for flights. $120 dollars for this leg of the race.

    Immediately, Will noticed that they all were of Brazilian nationality. Tara and Will went over to the pit crew member to get their clue. With great eavesdropping, Kelly and Jon, Linda and Karen, Oswald and Danny and Steve and Dave followed closely and gave in the correct answer.

    Meanwhile Mirna had Charla on her back trying to read the F1 drivers list. To their advantage, the nationality section with flag icons in it was blocked as a result.

    12:34 pm
    The five teams immediately got in their cars and four teams drove to the airport. Linda and Karen’s car had a faulty ignition and would not start. Linda went to change their key and to their surprise, all the teams figured out the riddle. The remaining teams except for the bowling mums had drove off to the airport.

    12:44 pm
    Unfortunately, the moms had to wait 10 minutes for their replacement car- the pit crew member’s car. They immediately drove off without wasting anytime.

    12: 46 pm
    Half way to the airport, all the teams got stuck in traffic.
    *car camera- Tara and Will*
    Currently in 1st place
    W: Shut up before I hit you.
    W: S***! *Slams brakes* I could of spotted that myself, Tara.
    T: This happens one more time, I will drive and YOU will navigate.
    W: You’re driving alright… you’re driving me mad.
    *sudden silence- Close up to Tara’s face*
    *Camera hits Tara’s cheek)

    *Car camera- Blake and Paige*
    B: Paige, there’s a traffic jam up ahead…
    P: Thanks! *She slows down and reclines the seat* Thank God this is a Benz- Blake hand me that map- we need to do a bit of planning…

    *Car camera- Tara and Will*
    W: Look, do you want $1,000,000 or not? Give me that f***in map right now…
    T: I can navig… *Will attempts to take the map off Tara, only ripping it by mistake*
    W: Look at what you did!
    T: What did I do?

    *Car camera- Chip and Kim*
    C: Ohhhhhh crap.
    K: Aw no… that’s gonna cost us big time!
    C: Damn, where’s there a fellow black man and his helicopter when you need them?

    *Car camera- Linda and Karen*
    K: Oh look Linda! The pit boy left his cell phone in the car!
    L: Call American Airlines and see when is their next available flight.
    *Linda misses the road to the highway and drives through the back roads to get to the airport. Karen talks into the phone and tries to get a flight*

    *Car camera- Charla and Mirna*
    C: Oh no… *Charla sees other teams ahead of her and notices an exit. She drives out*
    M: Go Charla! We’re not gonna get stuck here forever!

    *Car camera- Ken and Gerard*
    G: *cruising* Uh oh Kenny we got problems…
    K: Huh?
    G: *car sputters* we got no gas! *Car dies*
    K: What’s that? *A whirring noise is heard. A helicopter comes down and lands on the highway* A black man comes out.

    BM: I thought you were my business partner- I was gonna take you to the airport so we could get to that meeting in Japan
    K: We’re going to the airport- we’ll pay!
    G: Please sir! We’ll even pay you!
    BM: Call me Richard. No need pay.
    G: Thanks Richard! Come on Kenny,
    R: Sorry, only got room for one… *Sigh* I’ll make a sacrifice.
    *Ken and Gerard are sitting inside the helicopter. Meanwhile Richard is hanging off the side of the helicopter’s “pole”. The helicopter takes off*

    *Car camera: Chip and Kim*
    K: What was that?
    *The helicopter is heard and flies nearly right next to them. Chip yells “Stop” but Richard yells out “overloaded”*
    C: DAMNIT!!!! *bangs head on wheel*

    Current positions

    4th Blake and Paige(2)
    3rd Tara+Will(2)
    12th Oswald+Danny(2)
    11th Derek+Drew(3)
    2nd Ken+Gerard(3)
    8th Kelly+Jon(4)
    5th Steve+Dave(4)
    10th Jon+Al(4)
    6th Charla+Mirna(5)
    7th Chip and Kim(5)
    9th Jim+Marsha(5)
    1st Linda+Karen(5)

    Fast forward 3 hours:

    Teams have arrived in the Rio de Janeiro airport. Just near the Taxi Stand lies their next clue.

    A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this tour, teams must decide between Drive and Ride.

    In drive, teams must take a marked Taxi and get a “customer” who is standing next to the Taxi. They will tell the team where they want to go. They must not use a map and they may not ask the “customer” for assistance. You may talk to other locals and MUST NOT Hire another Taxi or any kind of mobile assistance to show the teams where the destination is. Driving a Taxi will be an easy job, but driving through the streets of Brazil with such traffic and minimal help means you must be able to communicate with locals and have a good sense of direction/navigation. Also, if the customer is satisfied, the teams will be paid what’s on the price meter- or close or higher than it. It is essential for teams to do the task properly as they can keep this money for later on in the race.
    Travel distance in Taxi: 5.5 Miles

    In ride, teams must take a marked mule/instructor and are allowed a map for assistance. The teams will need to man the mule and instructor and have a map. The course is only 2.3 miles away from the marker. However, the map only marks out the basic route of where to go and not other streets and street names around it. Also, teams MAY NOT ask the instructor for help.

    Team cam: Oswald and Danny
    D: Oswald, get a mule.
    O: no, I’m not ruining my shirt and it’s just too hot here.
    *Oswald walks towards a Taxi, get in and turns on the air con full blast. He turns up the radio and is clearly happy*
    O: Danny over here!
    *Danny runs into Taxi. The passenger gets in and they drive off*
    *Just behind, Oswald sees that they aren’t alone and that ten teams opted for the Driving option*
    O: Ohhhh S**t.

    Team Cam: Chip and Kim
    C: Baby let’s do the mules!
    *Chip and Kim choose a Mule and leave*
    K: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Let’s go baby!

    Team camera: Jim and Marsha, Chip and Kim.
    J: Come on baby, let’s go!
    M: Careful Daddy, you don’t want to fall like last time!
    *They get into a cart and to their surprise, catch up to Chip and Kim*
    C: Yo! Look what the cat brought in!
    M: Hey guys!
    K: You want an alliance?
    M: Sure! Daddy?
    J: … *Jim is now expressionless trying to figure out what just happened there*

    3:51 pm
    After a series of typical testosterone Taxi driving, the teams are still intensely close to each other. There is a point where Will exceeds the speed limit of the road and scratches Kelly and Jon’s Taxi and the “passenger” has threatened to leave the Taxi and not pay. By now, the first mile has been absolutely chaotic.

    Team Cam: Kelly and Jon
    K: Let’s turn left here…
    *A slight screech is heard followed by a bump*
    K: JON!
    J: Kelly that wasn’t me I swear to God. *He spots Tara scared s***less and sees a fellow mark on their bumper. Jon gets out of the window and gives them a finger and yells “f*** the mother f***ers!” He thinks and he decides to yell “TARA LIKES CHRIS AND ALEX! WE HAD A FIVE SOME WITH HER AND SHE SAID WE’RE ALL BETTER THAN YOU WILL!!!! I AIN’T S***ING YOU!”*

    Team Camera: Tara and Will
    W: Damn, looks like I’m not getting back together with you, huh? *Will reluctantly puts away an expensive looking wedding ring into his pocket. In the process he is not on the steering wheel and their Taxi hits Jon and Al’s Taxi.*

    Team Camera: Jon and Al
    A: *bump- grill of their Taxi pops off* S**t!

    Team Camera: Tara and Will/ Jon and Al/ Linda and Karen/ Blake and Paige
    W: *Power Windows down* I’ve heard that one before! Be original! *Will stops the Taxi as there is a traffic jam ahead*
    A: Well I’ve got my digital camera here… It was a couple of nights ago… *Al passes the camera to Will who checks out the shots*
    W: *He looks at the erm… exotic pictures and starts to cry.*
    T: Will, you disgust me. Hey look it’s the bowling moms and Blake and Paige!
    L: Hey Will I see you’ve been taking pictures of the journey! *Karen leans over to check out the pictures Will is looking at*
    K: Hey he took pictures of last night! That’s US!!!! *Smacks Will* Pervert.
    W: … MILF!
    B: Wow! That’s last night’s pictures!
    K: Thanks pervert. *The bowling moms drive off as they see a gap that got them 20 or so metres ahead of the crowd*
    W: not you too…?
    P: Yup! Us too! In fact I think you were the only one who wasn’t there Will! I was looking forward to you! *Winks, makes clicking noise and points like she has a gun* See you later hot stuff! *Kisses Will* Ta!
    *Paige drives into the gap ahead, right in front of Will and stops*
    W: … damn you Tara.

    Team camera: Oswald and Danny
    D: Quick cut there! *Jon and Al get the gap before Oswald did and he honks the horn. He notices Will on a camera*
    O: Oh hello El Cheapo! You got pictures of last night huh? *Waves at Tara*
    D: Hi Tara! Hey Will! Did you know that Tara likes us, Chris and Alex, Kelly and Jon, Blake and Paige and loads of people had a Twenty Six some last night and she says that…
    W: …I KNOW… she thinks you’re all better than me…
    O: Wow how did he know? *Shrugs and rolls up windows*

    Teams doing “Drive” are now at the 3.8 Mile Mark.

    Team Cam: Chip and Kim/ Jim and Marsha
    C: There’s a clue box!
    J: Yes! Keep going!
    *the teams get off and open their next clue*
    M: Well done. You have finished your task. Now, get into a marked car and drive to the Maracana Soccer stadium to get your next clue.
    *Jim and Marsha/ Chip and Kim jump into their Landcruisers and drive off*


    Finally, after the Taxis made it through the traffic, teams parked their cabs, collected money and ran for the clue box.

    Team camera: Charla and Mirna
    C: *receives money* thank you! *hugs passenger* *passenger hugs Mirna*
    Passenger: For you *gives a large bonus to Mirna*
    M: Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! *kisses the passenger*
    C: Well done. You have finished your task. Now, get into a marked car and drive to the Maracana Soccer stadium to get your next clue.

    Current Standings:

    4th Blake and Paige(2)
    10th Tara+Will(2)
    7th Oswald+Danny(2)
    6th Derek+Drew(3)
    2nd Ken+Gerard(3)
    5th Kelly+Jon(4)
    8th Steve+Dave(4)
    12th Jon+Al(4)
    3rd Charla+Mirna(5)
    9th Chip and Kim(5)
    1st Jim+Marsha(5)
    11th Linda+Karen(5)

    Maracana soccer stadium:

    Team Cam: Jim and Marsha
    J: Baby, go for the box!!
    M: Sure Daddy!
    *Marsha runs for the box and opens it. She opens the clue*
    A roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform. In this roadblock, teams must kick a goal against a goalie. This seems simple, but these footballers (soccer players) have been playing the sport since they started to walk. When you score a goal, the goalie will give the team their next clue. One team at a time.

    M: I’ll do it, Dad!
    J: Okay just be careful.
    *Marsha gets ready to kick the ball. The goal keeper seems to be concentrating heavily on her. Marsha kicks the ball and all the goal keeper does is move his head. The ball goes in the goal*
    Goalie: Dois melharucos surpreendente grandes!!!
    M: Excuse me?
    G: Dois melharucos surpreendente grandes!!!
    M: *looks in the direction he is looking at* ARE YOU CHECKING ME OUT? GIVE ME MY CLUE!
    G: Here! *hand her clue, salivating* Dois melharucos surpreendente grandes!!! (If you really want to know what this means in English, PM me)
    M: F*** you. *walks off*
    G: Nice Ass! Corpo quente encantador!!!!
    M: Pervert.
    *Marsha opens clue*
    Well done, you have scored a goal against the perverted goalie, David Beckham. Now you must go to the 5th floor skybox to get to the next pit stop. The last team to arrive may be eliminated.
    J: GO!GO!GO!

    *Followed closely by Ken and Gerard and Charla and Mirna, they all run for the lift and get in together.*

    Team cam: Lift

    J: Great. We’re done for.
    Ma: Not yet…
    Mi: Hey Ken!
    K: Hey
    Ma: How about we all hold hands and jump on the mat at the same time? That means we all get 1st place and we’ll all win Kodak Easyshare digital cameras!
    Ma: Dad…
    J: Oh, alright.
    C: Yay!
    *The lift door opens* They all grab hands and jump on the mat.
    Local: Welcam To Brazeel!
    Phil: Charla and Mirna? Ken and Gerard? Jim and Marsha? You have been eliminated.
    *The three teams cry*
    Phil: … … … BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *rolls on floor laughing* It’s *ha ha!* alright! You haven’t *tee hee*been eliminated *still laughing, he is now tearing* As winners of this leg, you have won *His phone goes off- he answers it* Guys, Kodak was offended by that little joke… No now as winners of this first leg of the race… you win nothing.
    *All the teams cry again* Phil laughs and rolls on the floor.
    Phil: Tee Hee! This never gets old! HAHAHAHAHA! *gets up* Anyways, our new sponsor Casio are providing you with Casio Exilim EX-S55 Digital camera!

    *The three teams jump for joy and then Phil is shocked to find all the teams have finished the roadblock and are in line waiting to be heard from. He rushes through the line, apologizes to each team for “time delay” and are rewarded with a camera for patience and makes it to the end of the line.

    Phil: Linda and Karen, you have been eliminated from the amazing story race. How do you feel about the experience?
    L: Well it was fun while it lasted, and I do wish I knew Portuguese so I could figure out what David Beckham was saying back there…
    K: I think we deserved this elimination in the sense that we had the advantage of the cell phone when we were driving and that kind of thing…
    Phil: Well any last words?
    K: Well I will still love my neighbour and I am thankful for the opportunity to be on STAR.
    L: I agree with Karen. I love my kids at home and…
    Phil: Lovely! Good bye now!

    STAR Standings
    1st Jim and Marsha (5), Charla and Mirna (5), Ken and Gerard (3) 3.36pm
    4th Oswald and Danny (2) 3.39pm
    5th Derek and Drew (3) 3.41pm
    6th Kelly and Jon (4) 3.42pm
    7th Blake and Paige (2) 3.45pm
    8th Chip and Kim (5) 4.01pm
    9th Tara and Will (2) 4.05pm
    10th Jon and Al (4) 4.06pm
    11th Steve and Dave (4) 4.07pm
    ELIMINATED Linda+Karen(5)

    11 teams now remain. Cast your vote for your least favourite character by PMing AR Boy and putting the name of the team you least favourite like this:

    VOTE: Linda and Karen

    The more votes I get, the more accurate the results will be!

    Teams have problems with driving to the airport!
    Teams are shocked with exchange rates!
    Teams are supercharged when knowing what their next destination will be!

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    AR Boy
    Does anyone actually want to read this, or not? Please reply, so I can decide to post anything beyond Stage 3.

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    Yes I want to keep reading it.

    But I gotta say, that is one messed up race!
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
    "You have to do it. You have to accomplish your dreams." - Charla, The Amazing Race 5

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