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Thread: FORT Moolah Beach

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    I know it has been a long time since the whole voting in thing but i would still like to know who vote for me Thanks lots
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikki_Brandon
    I know it has been a long time since the whole voting in thing but i would still like to know who vote for me Thanks lots
    Unless the person is willing to share that with you, I am not at liberty to discuss.

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    Kahuna Mission 6

    This Mission is called a week in reality TV. Your job is to predict the outcome of various reality TV shows. I will be posting questions in regards to different reality shows and your job is to correctly predict what is going to happen. Whichever team gets the most right wins. These will be due by Sunday at 8PM EST. These are all in regards to the week of April 10th.

    The Contender:

    1. Which two fighters will be involved in the match at the end of the episode?
    2. Who will win the fight?

    Fear Factor:

    3. Who will win Fear Factor this week?

    Amazing Race:

    4. Who will come in first?
    5. Who will come in second?
    6. Who will come in third?
    7. Who will come in fourth?
    8. Who will come in last?

    American Idol:

    9. Who will be in the bottom 3?
    10. Who will be in the bottom 2?
    11. Who will be eliminated?


    12. Who will be the two PMs?
    13. Which team will lose?
    14. Who will be fired?

    Nashville Star 3:

    15. Who will be eliminated this week?

    Bachelor 7:

    16. Name two people who will be eliminated this week.

    MTV's The Inferno:

    17. Who will be going home this week?

    Miss USA 2005:

    18. Who will win this year's Miss USA competition?

    I would like numbers 1-9 to be sent to me by Sol, AHP, Smitty, and Torpedo and numbers 10-18 to be sent in by Firewoman, Coksy, Free2b, and Greenmustard.

    Good Luck! Remember Sunday 8PM EST.

    FYI: This week's Makahiki Mission is due in 4 hours!

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    Makahiki Mission Results

    The Brown Team (Greenmustard & Torpedo) 10 Right & 9 Right=19 Right
    The Blue Team (Sol99 & Firewoman) 9 Right & 9 Right=18 Right
    The Green Team (Free2b & Smitty) 10 Right & 0 Right=10 Right

    Congats Brown Team on the win! You will now each have to pick from one of the remaining idols.


    Remember there is still a Kahuna Mission that is due on Sunday.

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    Here were the Makahiki Mission questions/answers:

    1) "Dad was told by Mother you can't have one, You can't have none, You can't have one without the other..."
    2) "Rain or shine I'll be the one to share it all as..."
    3) "It's my life and my dream. Nothings going to stop me now."
    4) "There's a path you take and a path untaken..."
    5) "Hello sunshine, goodbye rain, She's wearing my high school ring on her chain..."
    6) "You roll out of bed, Mr. Coffee's dead, the morning's looking bright..."
    7) "Ridin' low in my chair, she won't know that I'm there..."
    8) "You'll see that life is a ball again and laughter is calling for you..."
    9) "Traveled down the road and back again..."
    10) "A man is born, he's a man of means."
    11) "Look at what's happened to me... I can't believe it myself"
    12) "You can have the town..."
    13) "High adventure that's beyond compare..."
    14) "Go ahead with your own life, and leave me alone."
    15) "People yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day."
    16) "You're not the boss of me now"
    17) "The way you shake and shiver..."
    18) "...like two modern day Robin Hoods."
    19) "According to our new arrival... Life is more than mere Survival..."

    1) Married... with Children
    2) Empty Nest
    3) Perfect Strangers
    4) Who's the Boss
    5) Happy Days
    6) Cheers
    7) Saved by the Bell
    8) Three's Company
    9) Golden Girls
    10) Diff'rent Strokes
    11) The Greatest American Hero
    12) Mary Tyler Moore
    13) Gummi Bears
    14) Bosum Buddies
    15) Mr. Ed
    16) Malcolm in the Middle
    17) Scooby Doo
    18) Dukes of Hazzard
    19) Mr. Belvedere

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    I'l choose the Rain idol.

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    If your partner hasn't signed on since the posting of the Kahuna Mission at it is between 6PM EST & 8PM EST you can fill out their part of the mission.

    As it stands now Free2b you can fill out Smitty's. Firewoman, you can fill out Sol's. And Torpedo you can fill out GM's.

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    Good Job, Torp. I'll choose the Volcano idol.

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    Idol Update

    The Brown Team (GM & Torp)
    Wind, Sun, Rain, Volcano, & Moon
    The Blue Team (Sol & Firewoman)
    Thunder, Hula, & Fog
    The Green Team (Free2b & Smitty)
    The Black Team (Coksy & AHP)
    Cloud, Canoe, Stone, Island, Fire, Sand, & Wave

    Now that GM has signed on, Torpedo will no longer be able to send in hers.

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    Sigh I did so badly at this since I only watch 3 of the shows listed ;( GL to everyone else

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