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Thread: FORT Moolah Beach

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    I'm here Nikki. I'm generally only here Mon. - Fri. 9ish to 5ish cst. Ocassionally, I will pop in on the weekends, but not often. Good choice though on our pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Smitty, this is what I got from you:

    Numbers 5 & 8 were both wrong. 5 should be purple and 8 should be silver.

    Oh, now I get it.

    <- The Shark Is This
    | THERE HE IS!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smitty
    I didn't discuss this with Free2b, so go with his/her idea if SHE does have one.
    Yes it's SHE........hehehe...........

    And I'm sooooo srry Smitty I've been going through moving and have little access to a computer!!!!

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    Kahuna Mission #2

    For this Mission we will be playing a little game I like to call 'Box Swap.' By selecting a number, you have each recieved a box, and inside the different numbered boxes are different numbered idols. I will first PM you telling you how many idols are in your box. After I do that the first round will begin. Where teams may swap their box with another team in order to gain more idols. I will give an example below with fewer teams:

    The following teams pick the following boxes and the numbers of idols are posted next to it which the host told the contestants at the beginning of the game.

    Team A: Box 1 (10 Idols)
    Team B: Box 2 (8 Idols)
    Team C: Box 3 (6 Idols)
    Team D: Box 4 (5 Idols)
    Team E: Box 5 (4 Idols)

    The host will then randomly select an order for the teams to go in:

    Team B
    Team E
    Team A
    Team C
    Team D

    Team B will begin by stating in the thread if they want to trade their box, and if so with whom, or if they want to keep it.

    Team B decides not to trade because they have 8 idols which is a lot.

    Team E decides to trade boxes with Team B because it is apparent that Team B likes what they have and Team E doesn't. The host will then PM each team and tell them what their new boxes contain.

    Team A to not look suspicious decide to trade with Team D. The host PMs both teams with their new values.

    Team C decides to not trade.

    Team D decides to not trade.

    This will continue for a second round with another random list. At the end of the round however many idols a team's box contains is the amount they will bring to the Great Kahuna
    Hopfully that makes sense. I will be PMing the teams now with their box values and then I will post the order.

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    I sent out the Box infomation. Now to the order:

    1. Yellow Team (Huey & AHP)
    2. Blue Team (FireWoman and Sol)
    3. Orange Team (Nikki & FG)
    4. Green Team (Smitty & Free2b)
    5. Silver Team (kraziladi & Healblade)
    6. Purple Team (Colby & Stella)
    7. Brown Team (Greenmustard and Torpedo)

    Remember you choose either to stay with your box or to trade. If you are going to trade please say which team you are trading with.

    In case a team does trade, please wait for me to give the okay to continue so I can inform the groups with their new box values.

    I will only accept the first answer I get in the thread from a team member. I encourage you to talk to your team-mate but remember we need to keep this game moving. If you take more than 24 hours I will just skip your turn.

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    Huey & AHP, whenever your ready.

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    AHP & Huey decided not to trade.

    FireWoman and Sol you're up next. Please post it in the thread.

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    no trade

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    Nikki & FG, you're up.

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    No trade for the time being...
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