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Thread: Overly Useless Trivia Game

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    Yes.. in each of the 3 matching sections.. you need to match the first list with hte second by names or numbers.. like name & name - or - #&# however you feel best doing it for you.

    Why are the first name for each section not with a number next to them?
    Heck.. i JUST noticed that.. it was when I edited the colors.. to make each section clear.. it was stuck in the color line. Thought i got them all... Please use the updated lists below making the first names #11. (thus moving them both to the bottom of their respective lists.) THANKS so much for pointing it out~

    1 Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia
    2 Coco Riley
    3 Milo William
    4 Mattea Angel
    5 Angelina Jolie
    6 Leonard Albert Kravitz
    7 Tracy Kristine, Gunnar Eric & Matthew Gray
    8 Willard Christopher III“Trey”
    9 Rummer Glenn, Scout LaRue, Tallulah Belle
    10 Dakota Mayi
    11 Apple Blythe Alison

    1 John Voight
    2 Eric “Ricky” Nelson
    3 Meline Griffith & Don Johnson
    4 Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martian
    5 Will Smith
    6 Mira Sorvino & Christopher Backus
    7 Julia Roberts & Danny Moder
    8 Roxxy Roker
    9 Courtney Cox & David Arquette
    10 Demi Moore & Bruce Willis
    11 Liv Tyler & Royston Langdon


    1 The Max
    2 Monk’s
    3 Central Perk
    4 Doc Magoo's
    5 Melville’s
    6 Phil’s Bar
    7 The Lobo Lounge
    8 The Regal Beagle
    9 Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles
    10 Café Nervosa
    11 The Peach Pit
    12 Big Mike’s
    13 Mystique
    14 The Warsaw
    15 P3
    16 Luke’s
    17 The Bait Shop

    1 Friends
    2 ER
    3 Seinfeld
    4 Gilmore Girls
    5 Saved By The Bell
    6 The Drew Carey Show
    7 Cheer’s
    8 Murphy Brown
    9 Las Vegas
    10 Beverly Hills, 90210
    11 Home Improvement
    12 The OC
    13 Fresh Prince
    14 Roseanne
    15 Frasier
    16 3’s Company
    17 Charmed

    Please be sure to note of the change all... again sorry for the mishap
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    That was fun! Do our scores add up from previous rounds or does every round stand alone.

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    LOL, Glad you liked it it took me forever to make it in to a round that was multi-guess and matching heh.

    YES, round 2 and 3 will add together for this elimination round. However after putting it together I now feel like i watch TOO much tv

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    Quote Originally Posted by coksy
    I agree with elimination, even though I'll battling with weathergirl and her mom as to who goes first
    And me. I had to guess on most of these. I don't get out much.

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    I just remembered one person is on vacation this week.. given it IS an elimination round would there be any objections to an extended deadline for (i think it would only be) a few days to give everyone a fair chance to get answers in??

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    Why don't you give the person on vacation an exemption this week instead? And since you gave until Monday 11:59pm, you can always extend it to whenever you will log on the Tuesday. But not longer than that as a week-end plus a full day is enough I think.
    Wrigleys Doublemint Gum....double your pleasure, double your fun!

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    If somebody is going on vacation send them the quiz early.

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    They left thursday, they said they would be back by Monday, this would only be a one day extension.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadcmmngs
    Oops, didn't know that was a rule. So, I'm a "rule-on-occasion girl."

    p.s. CLEARLY your avatar is true. hahahaha
    You read a few of the mods reminder posts about the Fort rules and all of a sudden you're a hall monitor. I got my arm band a couple months ago.

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    Farewell everyone, because by the next round, i will be gone. I have had the lowest scores, and I didnt know more than 2 of these questions for round one! lol. I am ONLY 13 years old, and I dont wanna cheat by looking the answers up. Atleast I am being truthful! lol So Bye! lol


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