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Thread: Overly Useless Trivia Game

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    Sorry Firewoman, I will not be able to play. I guess I'm just not that smart. Sounded fun, but I know the anwer to one at least and do not have the time to look them up.

    Ya'll have fun!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kraziladi
    Sorry Firewoman, I will not be able to play. I guess I'm just not that smart. Sounded fun, but I know the anwer to one at least and do not have the time to look them up.

    Ya'll have fun!!!!
    Aw come on krazi, don't give up like that.
    May I make a suggestion for fire to maybe do multiple "guess" on questions like these. That way nobody would have to cheat and everyone can play.

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    I will post results a lil later today, Round 2 is below in a second post.


    Name the Band:

    1. Michael Duff, Trace Ritter, Tony Scarbrough, Orlando Sims (1 point)
    Bonus Name the instruments they play (4 points)

    Chalk FarM
    Duff: Vocals/guitar
    Ritter Guitar/ Vocals
    Sims Bass/Vocals
    Scarborugh Drums/ Vocals

    2. Kevin Griffin, Travis McNabb, Tom Drummond. (1 point)
    Bonus: What City and state does this band call home? (1 point)

    Better Than Ezra
    New Orleans, LA

    3. Mike Mills, Bill Barry, Peter Buck, Michael Stipe ( point)
    Bonus: Who is no longer in this band? (1 point)

    Bill Berry

    4. Album: Version 2.0 (1 point)


    5. Songs: “Tortoise And The Hare”, “Emily’s Song”, “Slings And Arrows”, “22,000 Days” (1 point)

    Moody Blues

    6. Henry Paul, Dave Robbins, Anthony Crawford. (1 Point)
    Bonus: Name the Co-Founding member that’s passed away, then identify the member that replaced him. (2 Points)

    Van Stephanson, A. Crawford

    Movie Quotes:

    Name the movie, 1 point each (Bonus: Name the Character and or Actor who said it 1 point for each)

    1. “I do not mean to pry, but you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?”
    The Princess Bride-Inigo Montoya: Mandy Patinkin

    2. “Like I told my last wife, I said, "Honey, I never drive faster than I can see, and besides... it's all in the reflexes."”
    Big Trouble in Little China-Jack Burton: Kurt Russel

    3. “A polar bear fell on me.”
    RoadHouse – Tinker: John William Young

    4. “If your daddy knew exactly how stupid you were, he'd trade you in for a pet monkey.”
    Fire Down Below-Jack Taggart: Steven Seagal

    5. “Back home, they put me in jail for what I'm doing. Here, they give me awards.” Casino - Sam "Ace" Rothstein: Robert De Niro

    6. “Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, don't fail us now”
    The Blues Brothers, Elwood Blues: Dan Aykroyd

    Name the Author (1 point per)

    1. When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?

    George Carlin

    2. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    Douglas Addams From the Hitchhikers series

    3. Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs : A Low Culture Manifesto

    Chuck Klosterman

    4. Boogers Are My Beat : More Lies, But Some Actual Journalism!

    Dave Berry

    5. Unfair & Unbalanced: The Lunatic Magniloquence Of Henry E. Panky

    Patrick Carlisle


    1. Jackie Robinson’s all time career batting average. (1 point) .311
    Bonus: How many times did He steal Home base? (1 Point) 19

    2. These 2 QB’s who went to the University of Miami at the same time, and played on the same team at the same time in the early 90’s . Both were born in towns beginning with a B, both were born in November, and both also ended up on the same team after their release from the Team in question here, later in their NFL Lives at different times.
    The one QB was released in favor of the other reason given “Diminishing Skills” Name the QBs, the Team (2 points) and for a bonus the coach that was the one quoted and where hes coaching now. (2 points)

    I tried to get as much info in this question as I could.. as to make sure that the 2 people I wanted could be identified.. sorry for the long drawn out question.

    Bernie J Kosar and Vinny Testaverde Cleveland Browns, and the Dallas Cowboys later in their NFL Lives

    Bill Belichick, and he is the Head Coach in New England.

    3. This Tennis player had special shorts if he ever wanted play Wimbledon(early in his career) Because of his trade mark shorts, he didn’t fit the Wimbledon Dress Code. Name the player and the reason for the ‘special shorts’ (2 points)

    Andre Agassi, He wore blue denim shorts made by Nike, Nike said IF he wanted to play Wimbledon, they would make him a set of white denim to fit in line with the (at the time) Dress Code that Wimbledon had of ‘tennis whites’. He has since played but in neither of the Nike Denims

    4. Against what team and year did Michael Jordan score a record 63 points in a Play Off game. (2) Boston Celtics and 1986

    5.What were the original colors and symbol of the Buffalo Sabers.(2) blue and gold (white); 2 sabers crossed with a bison in the middle Bonus: What are they now and what is the new symbol. (2) Black and red with white; Buffalo head

    MISC Triva

    1. What was the Nick Name of Laura Ingalls given to her by her father? (Full name, must be exact 1 point)

    Ok on this one I got a few answers.. the one I was looking for was, “My little half pint of cider half drunk up”

    Half Pint was a shortened version that was commonly used on the Show (I asked for the full name)

    Bess was the name given to her by her Husband after they moved in with his sisters family and there were too many Lauras in the house, he called her Bess after Laura Elizabeth

    2. K A R R stood for? (1 point)

    From the Show Knight Rider it was the ‘evil’ KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) KARR was Knight Automated Roving Robot

    3. What are Dr. Jacquet movements? (1 point)

    I was looking for a massage movement used to treat Acne skin. I gave varied credit on this one.

    4. Who are...
    Robert Cummings Rob Zombie (Singer Actor Director, Composer, Writer, Producer)
    Lawrence Tureaud Mr T
    Tara Leigh Patrick Carmen Electra
    Michael Peter Balzary Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers Bass Player)
    Jeffry Ross Hyman Joey Ramone (Founding member of the Ramones)
    Vickie Lynn Hogan Anna Nichole Smith
    Terry Gene Bollea Hulk Hogan (wrestler actor)
    Michael Hickenbottom Shawn Michaels (The Heartbreak Kid, Wrestler)
    Andre Benjamin Andre 3k
    William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor Prince William
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    Ok here we go.. round 2…

    Who is being investigated for ‘for suspicion of petty theft’ for swiping a copy of her ‘home move’ after she bought several magazines at a newsstand in west Hollywood? Bonus Name the video.

    What Late Night TV personality recently passed away at the age of 79?

    Donald Trump recently got remarried for the 3rd time in Fla. Name his new Bride and his last 2 wives.

    Recently announced to be playing the leads in Ron Howard’s adaptation of “The Da Vinci Code”

    Sophie Neveu
    Robert Langdon
    (name the actors)

    This Food TV guru coined the expression “BAM!” after his Camera Crew was on the brink of falling asleep because his shows tended to be a bit boring.

    What religious organization was the beneficiary of 10% of former Beatle George Harrison’s Estate?

    Who invented Skate Boarding moves called “Frigidaire’ and the “Madonna”

    In “Texas Hold Em” Poker, what are the common ‘poker slang’ terms for the first 3 community cards laid on the table, the next (4th ) and the last (5th)
    Bonus name the 2 hosts of Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Show down.

    Name the “Final 4” on the Third season of Survivor.

    Who was the 1st person voted out of Survivor 6?

    Who played God in the Kevin Smith’s (of Jay and Silent Bob fame) Dogma?

    This Pop-Princess’s little Sister just had her own TV Show debut on the Nickelodeon Cable network. Name the singer and her sister.
    Bonus name the show

    What’s the name of the city that Sbongebob, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward live. Name the restaurant in which Spongebob works.

    On the TV show American Dreams, What show do Meg and Roxanne dance on?

    This ‘weasely’ comedian’s mother owns The Comedy Store a comedy club Landmark in California that has been host and launching pad to many of the top comics in the biz today. Name him .. and if you can, name his mother.

    The Simpson’s started as a short on what TV Series?

    What is the ‘secret’ ingredient in Dr. Pepper that gives it its unique taste?

    Name the short lived and interrupted Reality Show hosted by George Hamilton.

    Casey McCall and Dan Rydell were Fictional Sports casters on what TV show?

    Brad Pitt chipped his tooth during the filming of what film, but waited until after filming to have it capped because he felt it added to his character.

    What Seinfeld character was inspired by a real person who later ran as the ‘ninja candidate’ for NYC mayor?

    What was the first MLB team to feature the color teal in its uniforms?

    Who is Petunia Dursley’s nephew?
    Where does he attend school? (Full name please)

    What former Survivor contestant got a year’s probation after being convicted of assaulting an Ex- Boyfriend?

    This ‘well dressed’ NBA star wrote the book: Bad as I Wanna Be?

    Who wrote: The Art of the Deal?

    What brand named acne medication did US Women begin buying in 1988 in hope that it would smooth out facial wrinkles?

    I went with a more entertainment related round.. due to popular demand ALSO putting in a few more in for the younger crowd. I think I will do a multi-guess round for round 3 Thanks for the Idea Funny Girl.

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    I know more than one without looking them up!

    When do we have to get them in?
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    Oops.. forgot.. Guesses are due Wednesday. Unless I get replies earlier I will post answers and results Thursday.

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    Now theese ones I can deal with

    My internet is down so Im using the library/school computers. I will have them in by Wednesday (95%)


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    Wayyy better questions. I didn't get the first set in (I thought by having until Monday, we had until late Monday, sorry!), but these I'll get to you, without looking any up, asap.


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    Those questions were perfect!

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    Those questions are SO much better! Even as a 13 year old I know most of them! THANK YOU!!!


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