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Thread: Overly Useless Trivia Game

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    Oh no! I thought I was all cute getting my answers (such as they were) to FireWoman yesterday afternoon. Now I'm reading that I could have had "help" for all the answers I left blank. IMHO, I think that it's a waste of the game if we all use the internet for answers. But, if that's the way the game is played it should have some level of competition built in, and we'll state some rules or something..
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    Yes i said on one of my last posts before i posted them you could use it this round, I know some would still be hard to find. I only used it because some said a few were too hard.. and still people didnt find them all. If you got them in already.. go on and submit again if youd like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireWoman
    and gawd, i hope i added right!! lol as always ANY disputes get them to me ASAP and ill make any corrections. This was a hard one to score! I thouhgt it would be easy lol.


    The next round I am thinking WILL be harder.. so I want people to look things up. Just make sure you will have the time to do so.. because of the looking up i will have a shorter time limit on it.
    FireWoman I found the post in which you said it
    It's post #111 on page 6
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    Quote Originally Posted by coksy
    FireWoman I found the post in which you said it
    It's post #111 on page 6
    I see the post, but I honestly thought that she meant the "hard" ones with chemical statistics analysis and naming the many facets of the human brain or something.

    Granted I think she covered all genres in this task, but I really didn't think it warranted the use of the internet. It's cool though.

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    I sent my answers in, but I didn't get to finish. I'm covered in vomit (this is a literal statement) cause now my baby and husband have the stomach flu. So my answers aren't completed and it's not completely finished. Humph!

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    I finished them for you and sent it in, like a nice daughter would do! lol I hope you get alot of points

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    Quote Originally Posted by cadcmmngs
    I'm covered in vomit (this is a literal statement)
    Know how that is.. she had a hard time keeping jell-o down.

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    Aww. I hope she gets better, Firewoman.

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    OK results of Round 4:

    PSi - 68
    coksy - 55
    AIW - 54
    FunnyGirl - 48
    cadcmmngs - 44
    BHanson - 40
    VeronicaBelle - 39
    Weather Girl - 27
    SurvivorGirl - 6
    HealBlade - 0

    Winner this week is:

    Only missing one!!

    And Your Answers:

    I’ll give you part of the cast (First names), you give me the show:

    1 Otto, Reggie, Tito, and Sam - Rocket Power
    2 Jimmy, Christine, Logan, Sammy, and Emily – Yes, Dear
    3 Karen, Jack, Rosario, and Leo – Will and Grace
    4 Steve, Mimi, Kate, Lewis, and Nigel - The Drew Carey Show
    5 John, Aeryn, Ka D'Argo, Chiana and Crais - Farscape Curse SiFi for taking htis show off.. I SO miss it *cry* I am having Sparky withdrawls!!!!
    6 Tommy, Dill, Angelica, Didi, and Lillian - Rugrats
    7 “Bug”, Lily, Garret, and Woody – Crossing Jordan
    8 Sam, Angela, Mona, and Jonathon – Who’s The Boss
    9 Cheyenne, Kyra, Elizabeth, Brock, and Jake - Reba
    10 Claire, Nate, Keith, Brenda, and Federico – Six Feet Under
    11 Nick, Sara, Gill, and Catherine – CSI (Vegas Cast)
    12 Jane, George, Rosie, and Judy – The Jetsons
    13 Jimmy, Libby, Carl, and Cindy – The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
    14 Bree, Rex, Zack, Edie, Mary Alice and Susan – Desperate Housewives
    15 Debbie, Donnie, Darwin, and Marianne – The Wild Thornberrys

    Match the City the show listed takes place in:

    Salem - Days of our Lives
    Atlanta - Designing Women
    Port Charles - General Hospital
    Cincinnati - WKRP
    Philadelphia - American Dreams
    Point Place - That 70’s Show
    Landview - One Life to Live
    New Rochelle - The Dick Van Dyke Show
    Chicago - Perfect Strangers
    Quahog - The Family Guy
    Arlen - King of the Hill
    Santa Monica - 3’s Company
    Neptune - Veronica Mars
    Tuscany Valley - Falcon Crest
    Springfield - The Simpsons
    Dimsdale - Fairly Odd Parents
    Pine Valley - All My Children

    Give me the answer 

    1. What is described as “The Original Celebrated Curiously strong mint” Altoids
    2. What was reviled to be Mr. Big’s name on Sex and the City in the last moments of the final show? John
    3. The star was recently involved in a law suit by a German family to recover a Vincent van Gogh Painting ("View of the Asylum of Saint-Remy") that they said was stolen by Nazi’s during the war. The Law Suit was dismissed this week. Liz Taylor
    4. What is the name of the cat in the smurfs? Azriel
    5. What was Roscoe's dogs name on the Dukes of Hazzard? Flash
    6. What was the name of Arnold's fish on Different Strokes? Abraham
    7. Who shot J.R. Ewing? Sue Ellen’s sister, Kristin
    8. On Full House what was the name of the family dog? Comet
    9. What was the name of Vanessa's last boyfriend on The Cosby Show? Dabnis
    10. What was Crocketts first name on Miami Vice? His nick name was Sonny James
    11. Name the 5 original MTV VJ's Martha Quinn, J.J. Jackson, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Nina Blackwood12. In Simon & Simon, what unusual thing did Rick live in?Where was it Located (2 points)A Boat, In AJs Back Yard
    13. What were the 3 Chipettes names on Alvin and the Chipmunks? Brittney, Jeanette, and Eleanor
    14. What was the name of the comic strip that "Henry Rush" (Too Close for Comfort)wrote? Cosmic Cow
    15. In the show Cheers, what was the name of the bar that always played practical jokes on the gang at Cheers? Gary’s Old Towne Tavern Old town and gary's were not accepted on this.

    I’ll name a show.. tell me what show it was a spin-off of:
    (example: Tabitha, spin off of Bewitched)

    A Different World – The Cosby Show
    Just the 10 of Us – Growing Pains
    Family Matters – Perfect Strangers
    Mork and Mindy – Happy Days
    Joey - Friends
    The Colby’s - Dynasty
    Knots Landing - Dallas
    The Facts of Life – Different Strokes
    The Jefferson’s – All in the Family
    Frasier - Cheers
    Booker – 21 Jump Street
    Angel- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Empty Nest – The Golden Girls
    Rhoda – The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    The Lone Gunmen - The X Files

    As awlays.. if i mis-scored your answers please let me know...answers must match mine. However if there is proof i am way off.. let me know

    ********NEXT ROUND, you WILL again be able to use the internet to look up this WILL BE A GENERAL TRIVA round.. not just tv/movies type.

    Elimination round is next.. this round and next will add together for the points to see who's gone ;( I will post it in the next few days giving time for recovery here. Thanks for the understanding guys

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    Thanks for posting results FireWoman.

    I so hope your daughter gets better soon

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