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Thread: School House Rock

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    12th Grade Schedule

    The 12th Grade will consist of 4 activities. Each activity will count towards your overall senior performance. The student with the highest score after the last activity will be crowned the winner of School House Rock.

    This Writing Essay is worth 20 points/100 points.

    Note: Essays do not need to be double spaced, or have foot notes and sources. Just plain old paragraph form will do. You can go over the word limit, but just try to keep it around 250. Thanks and Good Luck.

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    Morning Seniors!

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    Hello everyone

    It is time to take a small break from senior year testing.....

    The homecoming game is approaching quickly. You have waited until the last minute to get your mum made....well guess what?...Time is almost running out and there are a lot of things to do!

    1.Help out The Band
    The Band Director is asking the students' help to come up with a short performance during the homecoming game halftime show. You must create a halftime show which is both creative and fun. The show must include the band ofcourse.

    2. Get Your Mum!
    You don't have anytime to make your mum, so someone else will have to do it for you. It can be anybody you want, except for the six remaining high school seniors.

    School Details
    Mascot: Toad
    Colors: Green and Black
    Homecoming Theme: A Year To Forget

    All these things are due by Wednesday at midnight! Thanks and Good luck. If you are short on time, please remember that a short entry can still be a good entry.

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    My time to edit my post has expired, so I have a little something to add....
    your chosen person has to give a description of the mum he/she has made....a short one will do.

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    Hello everyone. Just a note that the Latest Activity is due Tomorrow! There will be an elimination tomorrow. Good Luck!

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    Hello Everyone

    Let us now cut our senoir class in half....shall we?

    Spoose...you are eliminated and end up 6th place!
    Starsprite....you are eliminated in 5th place!
    Maveno....you are eliminated in 4th place!

    Good Game you guys, sorry it didn't work out....

    Hello Final 3! Chrisdevine, cahalanmac, and charliebug...you three will be participating in the final challenge. It will be posted tomorrow. BTW, there is still time to submit your mum and band entries, just cutting the slackers.

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    WHAT!? How come?? The mum thing is due today by midnight. That's it, I'm trashing the school!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    WHAT!? How come?? The mum thing is due today by midnight. That's it, I'm trashing the school!
    oops! I thought you didn't care about school anymore.

    Class Announcement: Maveno is back on track and has been let back in school.
    For everyone else, It is never too late to come back to school! Just write me a note.

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    Good morning seniors, when is homecoming?

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    Former classmates - pulling up the big ole (beer) truck for a little tailgating party for homecoming

    Congratulations to all the seniors! Nice job (you, too, Mr. Burntcrow)

    (By the way, who is that in the mascot costume???? )
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