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Thread: School House Rock

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    Jun 2003
    I have to say thank you to Burnt for letting come back to school for a week on behalf of Maveno. This task was fun and I'm glad I got to participate.

    Maveno and I are alike in a LOT of ways, but I wasn't sure how much until now. I have a feeling she would have won this if she were here. I'm not sure she's gonna like the ending to "her" performance so much.

    Charfred honey, I am so excited for you and yet at the same time sympathize with you. All I can say is "been there/done that". Good luck to you and be very careful during this move. We want to hear about baby char running around so much that you can't get on-line to play.

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    Apr 2004
    Thanks Burnt and FG for the congrats. It took me a few days to get my head wrapped around it, but we are very excited. I am so dreading the next couple of months. If this is anything like with my first I will be throwing up every day for at least two months straight. The fun and excitement. I know that once this one comes I am not going to have near as much time to piddle around on the computer. My daughter will be 31 months when this one is due.

    I am really hoping for a home birth and a shorter labour this time. My daughter was planned as a home birth, but I had to go to the hospital for oxytocin since I was stalled. But I still did it with only a bit of laughing gas for pain relief and it was about 22 hours in "true labour".

    Anyway, I will be watching to see how things go for the rest of you. Good luck.
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    Congratulations char!! that is wonderful news. You don't have time for school anyhow. (don't they kick the preggos out these days? - they did in mine!)

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    Yay Char!! I am so glad for you (and just a little jealous)

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    Bye guys, I had a blast playing!

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    by AI, we will miss you!

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    i thought i had sent one in, but i guess my computer was not cooperative...oh well. I had fun all.

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    Sorry about that PSi! Early Merry Christmas everybody! I will be back around the 27th and school will start on January 4th! I hope everyone has a happy holiday....

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    :rudolph :santabear :santasmil :santawave :santawink :santagrin

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    Woohoo! Seniors rule!

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