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Thread: School House Rock

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    hey- what were the answers for the 8th grade quiz?

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    1. List the four oceans. Arctic Pacific, Atlantic, Indian
    2. What is the capital of Texas? Austin
    3. List the seven continents. S America, N. America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Antarctica, Australia
    4. Translate: Donde Esta la Biblioteca? Where is the library
    5. How many kilocalories are in a calorie? .001
    6. What is the largest country in the world in terms of area? Russia
    7. What is the largest planet in our solar system? Jupiter
    8. What kind of biome would you find around the equator? Rainforest
    9. The Galapagos Islands belong to which country? Ecuador
    10. Who was the third president of the United States? Thomas Jefferson
    11. What is the caspital of Mexico? Mexico City
    12. Name an animal other than a bear, that hibernates in the winter. Many answers here (fox,bat)
    13. How many 1 inch cubes can fit in a 12X12 inch square pan? (only 1 layer of cubes) 12X12=144
    14. List 6 countries whose national language is Spanish. Many possible here (Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela.Colombia)
    15. How many provinces does Canada have? 10
    16. What is the largest country in the world in terms of population? China
    17. List the four time zones in the United States. Eastern.Central, Pacific, Mountain
    18. Define: paradigm? One that serves as a pattern or model.
    19. What is the difference between a scalene trngle and a right triangle? Scalene= no equal sides, Right= 1 right angle
    20. List 3 great lakes. Huron, Eerie, Michigan, Ontario, Superior
    21. Construct a food chain with four animals. List the animals from bottom to top. (many possibilities here) plant, mouse, snake, eagle
    22. What type of acid do citrus fruits contain? Citric acid
    23. Name three countries located in South America. Many answers here….Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay. Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Suriname
    24. Who wrote the star spangled banner? Francis Scott Key
    25. What kind of biome can be found in the arctic region? Tundra
    26. Name two mammals that became extinct during the last ice age. Many here…Mammoth, giant sloth
    27. Artemis was the Greek goddess of the what? Hunt, wilderness,
    28. What is the most followed religion in the world? Islam
    29. What is the difference between a saturated fat and an unsaturated fat? Positiion of the carbons in the chain.
    30. What is the capital of Nevada? Carson City
    31. Name a mammal that can lay eggs. Key word mammal, not animal! Platypus or echidna
    32. List two foods which are a product of beneficial bacteria. Yogurt, cheese
    33. What continent is Uzbekistan located on? Asia
    34. What element is the most abundant in our atmosphere? Nitrogen
    35. Where is the hole in the ozone layer located? Antarctica
    36. Which Greek goddess is responsible for the four seasons? Answer Iw as looking for: Demeter, but since Persephone indirectly caused the seasons, I also accepted this answer.
    37. On what mountain did the most important Greek gods live? Olympus
    38. What is the capital of Wyoming? Cheyenne
    39. Name the ancient civilization which was once located in Peru. Incas
    40. Name a property of water. (example: found in nature in all three forms, solid, liquid, and gas) Many answers here..boiling point, freezing point, adhesion, cohesion…etc.
    41. List 2 domesticated animals not native to North America. Cow, horse, goat, sheep, chicken
    42. What is the capital of Alberta, Canada? Edmonton
    43. Define: invasive species An invasive sp[ecies is an introduced species not native to the area which threatens the survival of other species.
    44. By what process do plants produce oxygen? Photosynthesis
    45. Needles on a cactus are modified forms of what? leaves
    46. What is an adverb? Modifies a verb
    47. All frogs can jump, some frogs can skip, all frogs that skip can jump. Can all frogs skip? No
    48. Define: congeal To solidify by or as if by freezing
    49. Ferdinand and Isabella were at one point the rulers of what country? Spain
    50. Which Student would you like to see receive a five point penalty? Anyone of the top 12 was fine.

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    DisFUN, I'm going to miss you.

    I guess that means more brownies for me.

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    danka burnt

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    Welcome to the 10th Grade

    Hello Everyone! Just 3 years away from graduation...

    10th grade activity: Tutoring
    You guys are so smart, it is time for you guys to give back to the community and tutor other students. The student of your choice will take a test for you. If oyur student gets the lowest score, you will be eliminated fromt he game. Good Luck!

    You can pick whoever you want to take this test, current students, former students, someone not even in the game...your choice. I need your selections by Tuesday at midnight. Good Luck.

    Spoose and chrisdevine, you two will be competing against each other. Whoever gets the lowest score out of you two will be eliminated.

    Whoever gets the lowest score out of the other 7 students will also be eliminated. Good Luck!

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    Does the person know who they are taking the test for?

    If I am taking the test for somebody else does it matter if I do bad or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE

    Does the person know who they are taking the test for?

    If I am taking the test for somebody else does it matter if I do bad or not.
    Yes, you are asking another person to be your student...Then that student will take the test...really no tutoring involved.

    You must trust the person you ask enough that they won't screw you over.

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    Morning all.

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
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    'morning peeps!!

    I concocted a delicious surprise! There's one for everyone, if you'd like to 'partake'.

    Stuffed mushrooms! I can't tell you what they're stuffed with, just be sure to eat them AWAY from the classroom and preferably near the end of the school day. Enjoy!
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    dang dont show up for a little in this thread and i got the boot...or well the wedgi...*at the park waiting for FG picking out good stones to stone the poeples houses that gave me the wedgies* no payback my butt....i just dont do the juvinail wedgie thing....im more itno causing damage.

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