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Thread: School House Rock

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    mine is gonna be the volcano one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisdevine
    mine is gonna be the volcano one.
    Well Chris, I think the volcano is almost a requirement for any elementary level science fair project.

    I am just hoping that the judging isn't by the same people who picked fruit cups.
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    damn, i did a volcano too

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    How goes the schooling, guys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by colby_d
    How goes the schooling, guys?
    colby, that av looks exactly like you...how did you do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burntcrow
    colby, that av looks exactly like you...how did you do that?

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    Snoozing at my desk again.
    C'mon Colby, spill it!

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    I think he used the cartoon effect.

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    History Fair

    4th Grade History Fair: Transcending Time

    History of Coca-Cola
    I have chosen to do my project on the history of Coca-Cola, how it came from being a medicine invented by a doctor in the late 19th century, to the world's most popular soft drink in the early 21st century. In this project I will discuss the major events in the Coca-Cola companies history, including the creation of Sprite, the pitfall that was "New Coke", as well as the rise of the Diet brands, and the rise and fall (and sometimes rising again) of Cherry Coke in many areas of North America. It will also deal with the new brand of coke product and C2, as well as the health phenomena which created it, and some past ad campaign ideas, such as "I'd Like To Give The World a Coke", as well as the constant battle with the evil Pepsi empire.

    Subliminal Messages
    My Project is on Subliminal messages. What are they and do they work?

    Subliminal Messages are hidden messages that are said to slip stealthily through the doors of perception and impact the minds they have invaded.

    In the late 50s there was a scare in the nation involving subliminal messages sent to impact movie goers.

    My project shows a movie playing with subliminal messages in it, like the ones they used in the 50s. In one frame the movie shows a quick scene of popcorn and a coke. This subliminal message is to get you to go to the concession stand. It actualy did increase the amount of popcorn and soad that was sold.
    *also has a sceen of an A+ in it to tell you what grade to give me*

    I also have music playing that has hidden messages in it that are played at such a pitch that your ear can't hear it, but your brain is still perceiving it.

    Mortal Women of the Trojan War
    Many people are familiar with the story of Achilles and Hector, of Ajax and Telamon, of Menelaus and Agamemnon. The epic battles between heroes during the Trojan War find themselves immortalized in artwork ranging from Attic vases to contemporary paintings.

    While the battles between Greek and Trojan heroes are famous, the stories of Helen, Iphigenia, and Cassandra are almost equally well-known. Perhaps less well known, however, are the stories of other women, such as the stories of Laodamia's anguish and Penthesilea's heroism.

    It is the purpose of this project to collect references of the mortal women of the Trojan War. Each woman's story is fascinating not only for its entertainment value, but also for its historical value and its glimpse into what life might have been like. The stories also display emotions, dilemmas, and personalities that are familiar today, thousands of years later.

    Television Transcending Time
    The history of television, and more specifically the history of the situation comedy is an important one on American culture. It has shaped everything from the way which we live our lives and how we look while performing those tasks. i will take a look from its inception in the early 50's, until it's untimely demise in the early 2000's.

    Serial Killers
    I begin by dumping a box of Cap'n Crunch all over the floor and begins to jump all over it yelling "DIE, DIE, DIE"
    Slowly composes herself/himself...

    The history of the serial killer can date back to ancient times and as the twentieth century came to an end the number of serial killers and brutality of their crimes has indicated to experts the fall of societies expectations and gives us a glimpse of how heavily psychological and sociological expectations affect human nature.

    I will then have a brief synopsis of notorious serial killers throughout time starting with Caligula and ending with
    The Backpack Killer.

    Anyone who did NOT do a history fair project can vote for their 3 favorite projects. Students who did a science fair project, former students, and mothers of students can all vote. The voting window is open until tomorrow at 12pm central time. Good Luck everyone! (send me your votes by pm)

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    Science Fair

    4th Grade Science Fair: Student Topic

    My science project is to build a hovercraft like in the movies. My hovercraft will be made of a leaf blower, plywood, plastic sheeting, and some nuts and washers. I will have to have grown-up help to cut my plywood because I have to use a saw!

    When I am finished, my hovercraft can hold lots of weight, even one or two grown-ups!

    I picked my science project to show the class friction, lift, and acceleration. I think it will be neat because we can ride on it and it will be fun!

    At the science fair I will have a poster to tell about friction and what it does. Then I will show how to make the hovercraft. Then I will ride it! After I am finished, everyone can ride!

    Ski Wax
    My science fair project will test the effectiveness of different types of cross-country ski waxes. I will use 3 different brands of ski wax and also do a set of tests with no wax (the 'control'). I will have skiers of the same skill level volunteer to ski around a pre-determined course and select a ski wax (or no wax) at random (and not tell the skier what type of treatment their skis are getting!). I will continue until 4 people have used each type of wax and 4 people have used no wax. I will record the time it takes for them to complete the course and ask some general questions about how their skis felt on the snow. I will then rank the waxes based on the time it took to complete the course and include their subjective remarks. The display will show the ranking as well as some fun pictures showcasing this fun winter sport!

    Lava Lamp Science
    My science project is a LAVA LAMP! The purpose of this lamp is to show how heated oil will rise when light is used to put under it to heat it up, and also how it does not mix with water.

    My project will consist of;
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Mineral Oil
    A heat light/lamp
    Tall glass bottle (or something similar)
    *Food coloring

    *= optional. But mixed with the alcohol it will have a more "showy" and "fun" effect.

    Candles: Gel Versus Wax
    My project will test if a candle made out of gel will burn longer than a regular candle made of wax. They will both be the same mass and will burn for 6 hours. After the candles have burned for six hours, I will weigh them and test my hypothesis.

    I am doing a science project on irrigation. I will constuct a small replica of a field, and put some water in a funnel and it will show how irrigation works, allowing all of the plants to get water.

    Tile Cleaner Efficiency
    Hypothesis: The most expensive tile cleaner will work better than the least expensive tile cleaner.

    Experiment: I took five tile and the five tile cleaners, and I put a piece of duck tape down the middle of each tile. Then I took a little of one kind of tile cleaner on a paper towel and gently wiped a tile once. Next I let it sit for two minutes and then wiped it once more. I continued this process with the four remaining tile cleaners and four tile.

    Observations: I observed that Lysol Hard Water Stain Cleaner removes soap scum the best. Scrub Free One was the second best. Tilex Soap Scum Remover was the third best. Lime Away Extra Hard Water Stain Cleaner was the fourth best, and Dow Bathroom Cleaner was the fifth best.

    Conclusion: My conclusion is that Lysol Hard Water Stain Cleaner is the second most expensive tile cleaner but it is the best buy because it cleans better than the less expensive tile cleaners.

    Hydroponic Strawberries
    For the Science Fair I will be growing strawberries hydroponically in order to compare the differences between different seed types and chemical usage. I will be growing four varieties of plants. There will be a genetically modified one, a non-GMO standard one, an organic one and a heritage one. I will be growing all four with and without chemical fertilizers. This is in order to test the quantity and quality of fruit produced by different seed types and fertilizing methods.

    Static Electricity
    My science project is about static electricity.
    Everything is made up of atoms, which can have positive charge, negative charge, or made up of the same number of protons and electrons, which is neutral charge. My experiment will show that atoms with opposite charges attract and atoms with the same charge repel.

    First, to show that atoms with the same charge repel....... I am wearing a hat and just took it off. Notice how my hair starts to stand on end. This is because the electrons from my hair have passed to the hat, therefore creating atoms in my hair with the same positive charge, causing my hairs to try to move away from each other.

    Next, to show that atoms with different charges attract...... I turn on a water faucet and generate a steady stream of water. I then rub a balloon against my hair (to charge it) and slowly bring the balloon near the water. As you can see, the water "bends" and moves toward the balloon. The water is neutral, but the balloon is charged so the opposite charges attract and move together.

    Plants and music
    Does music have an effect on a plant's growth?

    I'll take a total of 6 plants. The first two will be just normal plants and won't be tested with the music. The second group of two will be exposed to punk-rock and heavy metal music. The last group will be exposed to classical and soft pop music.
    Each day for a period of 4 hours, they will be tested and at the time of the presentation, I will play a sample of music to see if there's any "live" reaction (growth) to the music.

    Cold Fusion
    Once deemed as only a dream, scientists who, in the past claimed to have the answer to cheaper resources for future energy were barred from society. Even the dictionary definition of cold fusion is 'Nuclear fusion at or near room temperatures; claims to have discovered it are generally considered to have been mistaken'. Speculation as to why the world has given up on such a breakthrough ranges from current electricity producers denying it's possible existence due to their potential loss of dividends, and journalists denouncing it because of it's identification as a hoax in the past. In my science project, I plan to break down one of the cheapest and environmentally safe energy scandals in the world. I will show that cold fusion laboratories are still going strong, and also what they do as they struggle to bring to existence their theory that low-energy nuclear transformations do exist.

    Plant Response to Music
    I'm taking three exact same plants right from the seeds and planting them in the same kind of jars, then for an hour a day, each day I'll place them in different rooms. One of the rooms will have classical music (Mozart) playing in it, and one of the rooms will have hip hop music (Run DMC) playing in it and the 3rd room will have nothing in it!! I did this for two whole weeks and made charts including the growth of width, height, how many leaves, darkness of leaves to determine which plant grew the most. The 'Run DMC' plant won!

    Anyone who did NOT do a science fair project can vote for their 3 favorite projects. Students who did a history fair project, former students, and mothers of students can all vote. The voting window is open until tomorrow at 12pm central time. Good Luck everyone! (send me your votes by pm)

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