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Thread: Ruling Egypt

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    (3) Dead Pharaohs, how tempted were you to vote during your reign as Pharaoh instead of on the Pharaonic Council? Knowing what you know now, would you have made the same decision?
    Not tempted at all..or maybe I got to vote anyway. I can't quite remember.

    (4) To everyone, What was/were the worst aspect(s) of the game? Certain challenges, times available, voting strictness, other?
    Probably the times available. I don't have that much free time, you know.

    (5) To everyone, who would be interested in a Ruling Egypt 2, if I were to create a such a sequel?
    I would be interested, but I don't think I would actually play.
    Gustav Holst was right!

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    I think these games work best when they are played out on a shorter time period. Trying to work around everyone's schedule was extremely annoying. If you can't commit to a certain time each week, why sign up in the first place?. I loved your commentary, Healblade, but I would be stricter about contestants willingness to commit to a date, time and schedule and stick to it, or else simply eliminate them. I voted for AI because I thought he was the underdog, and I thought the little rant posted on here would send votes to Silverstar, so maybe other people felt the same way I did, and AI got the rebound votes.

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