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Thread: Ruling Egypt

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    I vote no on the extended time as well. I know I and many other people who have had to face penalties for not getting things in on time, and just because there were more people who didn't get in this time, I don't think that's warrant for an extended time limit.

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    I think Dlfem said it best, you need to set a time for people to send it in, if they don't it is their fault. In my Mole game many people got executed for sending their quiz in late, but I had to execute them. You can't just start changing rules. Once you start giving more time, the game starts dragging on, people lose interest, and so on and so forth.

    I vote for no extended time.

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    I also like just the original deadline. No extended time.

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    Eh, I don't really mind what happens, though I'd like for the original deadline to be kept, as I lose incentive to check back to the game if too much time is given to hand things in.
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    I also vote for not changing the deadline as it keeps the game moving and is more fair to everyone. Starting to change the rule can become very tricky...
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    Voting for not changing the deadline, it's just too much trouble.

    And I think we have a majority or I'm just too tired to count.

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    Yes that is indeed a majority... so now we can have the votes??? Please?

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    *Healblade steps onto the stage and removes a piece of parchment*

    "The votes are in. Before I announce the new Pharaoh, I'd like to take a moment to refle..."

    *Animand rolls his eyes, runs onto the stage, and grabs Healblade's parchment*

    "It's SurvivorGirl... now quit wasting everybody's time, and let her take her position and pick three people to curse."

    *Animand then pulls out his own piece of parchment*

    "We have four people who did not vote within the alloted time: Kai, Lotuslander, Haejin, and PSi. The decreed penalty for the first failure to vote is: They may not participate henceforth in any Cleansing Ritual."


    In short, SurvivorGirl is our new Pharaoh. Once Animand has properly advised her about her newly gained powers, she may curse three players at her leisure.

    Also, the ability to participate in cleansing rituals and their challenges has been taken from Kai, Lotuslander, Haejin, and PSi. This will also happen to any other commoner who doesn't vote.

    Let us hope the penalty for the second time never becomes necessary! Enjoy the second wonderful wrinkle of the game, and may your individual strategies be able to adapt and use this to your advantage!

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    Oh dang! I definitely wasn't expecting that to be the penalty... I'm so sorry. I didn't think that it would be that bad - if I did, then I would have allowed more time. Sorry

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    Sorry to see you go Survivorgirl!

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