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Thread: The Amazing Race -- The Interactive Game!!!

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    When I created the game and the scoring scheme, I never realized the scores would be so close!!!! 500 points is the difference between first & second!!!

    For most of the game, funnygirl & SurvivorGirl recieved the same amount of points. There were only 4 legs in the entire game where their scores were different -- legs 1, 2, 7, & 12.

    The key leg for funnygirl & SurvivorGirl was in leg 7. SurvivorGirl only scored 500 points in that leg (for owning Chip/Kim), however funnygirl recieved the full score for that leg (500 points for owning Chip/Kim, 1000 points for not owning Charla/Mirna, & a 500 point bonus for a perfect leg -- 2000 points total -- 1500 more points than SurvivorGirl for that leg). In leg 12 however, funnygirl recieved no points (she does not own Brandon/Nicole and she owns Linda/Karen) and SurvivorGirl recieved 1000 points for not owning Linda/Karen. So as you can see, SurvivorGirl fell short by only 500 points!!!

    In leg 1, funnygirl scored no points (she does not own Alison/Donny and she owns Dennis/Erika) and SurvivorGirl scored 1000 points (for not owning Dennis/Erika). If SurvivorGirl had initally picked Alison/Donny as a co-ed team instead of Jim/Marsha (which produced no extra score anyways), then SurvivorGirl would of been the winner by 500 points instead of funnygirl as she would have scored 500 for Alison/Donny's first place victory and an additional 500 for a perfect leg. But by the time SurvivorGirl changed to Alison/Donny it was too late to reap any benefits from them.

    Leg 2 is much more simpler to explain. Funnygirl scored 1000 points (she does not own Brandon/Nicole nor Alison/Donny) and SurvivorGirl scored no points (she does not own Brandon/Nicole but she owns Alison/Donny).

    All in all, funnygirl and SurvivorGirl should be congratulated -- they picked a very strong and long-lasting roster and made good use of their favorite as well.
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    Thanks everyone.

    And congrats Funnygirl! Great job!

    And thanks E-Daddy for making the game.

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    Whew! Survivorgirl you were on my tail the entire time if not right up there with me. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

    As far as winning, well shucks guys It's about time though. I got blown away at the end of Burntcrow's challenge in the TAR5 thread and the rest of the interactive games I'm always coming up short.

    Thanks so much to E-Daddy for coming up with such a wicked way to play along.

    Of course, I'm in for the next challenge. By the way, for those of you who participated, drinks are on me!

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