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Thread: The Chain Reaction Game

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    One last plea for one more person! If nobody has signed up by tonight at 8EST, I will start with 14.

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    8 eastern we will start? is that what i'm hearing?

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    I will explain the rules then, and send out the first challenge. The way the challenges will work is that I will send them via PM, that way if there is a tie for first place, I will go by how long it took you to complete the Mission from the time you opened it to the time that you sent me your answers. Sound good?

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    AI - so its OK if I don't get to it until late night or really early tomorrow am - as long as I don't open my pm? Am I reading that correctly?
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    same here. Or can I do it early?

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    You will always have 24 hours to complete the Mission, they shouldn't take that long. You can open it whenever during the 24 hour period, I just take the time from when you opened it to when you sent me your answers. So if you don't have time to answer the questions then and there, don't open the PM.

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    I will be the last, just in time to now Im playing two games

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    Here is the final cast of 15

    1. Survivorgirl
    2. Erin
    3. Chris
    4. Quack
    5. Burntcrow
    6. Kai
    7. Funny
    8. MKW
    9. Touque
    10. ADKLove
    11. Colby
    12. Coolguy
    13. Bored
    14. Lalol
    15. Debelah

    Now for the rules. As I said in the beginning of this thread I will give out a challenge which will be due in 24 hours from the time it was sent out. If there is a tie, the person who took the shortest (time from opening the PM to sending me the answer) will win. The person who won would then say the name of another contestant in the game whom they would like to stick around and join the chain. If the next peson on the chain doesn't pick someone for 24 hours, the person that picked them would pick the next person as well. That person would then pick someone else and so on and so forth. The last person picked would then be the eliminated person and be called weakest link.

    The game would continue after that with a new question and the winner picking the next link.

    Now to make it interesting, there will be point values given out during the game. If you are the first link on the chain you will receive 14 points, the next person on the chain 13, the next 12, and so on and so forth. In addition you will get a bonus 5 points for winning the challenge. As more people are eliminated the point values will change accordingly. The first Mission will be sent out soon.

    If there are any questions please feel free to ask them in the thread.

    BTW, if you are going away for any period of time, just tell me the dates so I can give you anything necessary to complete the game.

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    Challenge One:

    This first challenge will test your knowledge of the other contestants in the game. You will all be getting a PM with 15 questions, each having an answer that is the name of one of the contestants in this game. Each person in this game, only has one question pertaining to them. The answers will be due by Thursday at 10PM EST. The rules regarding ties have already been discussed, so I see no purpose in repeating them. Good Luck!

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    Sorry people I changed my av.

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