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Thread: Share your love for E.T.

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    Random Terrain

    Share your love for E.T.

    Tired of all the negative press E.T. for the Atari 2600 has gotten over the years, I created a new pro-E.T. section under Fi's Atari 2600 Memories. Besides sharing what I think is fun about the game, there's also a map page, scans of the manual and tips sheet, and an E.T. appreciation page where you can submit your own pro-E.T. comments.


    If anyone here is old enough to remember E.T. and has positive memories to share, please visit the following page and submit your praise or short personal E.T. related story:


    You may see your words on that page as soon as tomorrow, so what are you waiting for? Send in your thoughts and experiences today. The world is waiting.

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    Random Terrain
    Quote Originally Posted by John
    It's SPAM if I'm asking people to add comments to my web site? I'm trying to get as many comments from as many different types of people as I can.

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