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Thread: Out of context posts

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    Oh god, AI and Mas are tag teaming AM . But you know Mas, it's not like AM was the only one to post in that thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by masahi
    lay me on your sofa. I need to shave my chocha. Sex me so good I say blah-blah-blah
    I am serious now......HIDE YOUR KIDS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt64
    I'd probably not like to see granny in underwear at all

    Quote Originally Posted by matt64
    No dental floss for granny.. it'd probably get embedded in the loose skin..
    Once again......

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    AI and masashi. I know that I will be OOC with that post, course it was funny. So now let's see my devil list to check out my new list of victims to attack....

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    boredouttamind recently has been so bored that he decided to visit those sushi bars. And mind you, it's not those ordinary ones. Yes, I'm talking about those sushi served on naked women bars. Let's see what he has to say about his experience...

    So how did you find the sushi, and the naked ladies ?
    very, very tasty
    So I mean, those girls are naked and sweating people. Don't you find it disturbing ? I mean, there should be some parts to avoid...
    Awfully tasty...
    I am determined to burn my taste buds.
    Will you like to be the one to put the sushi on the ladies, bored ?
    Of course. I'd love to do it.
    Oh. My god. Can they strech this out any more? This is horrible...
    Not bad, not bad at all.
    I had to bring this over here...
    That thing truly disturbs me Good god
    I will bust some heads.
    *Bored getting distracted while eating and arranging the sushi on the naked ladies.

    So by any chance, do you know any of them ladies ?
    Wooh! Good job, AIW and Silverstar!!!

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    Another regular customer at the bar is masashi...

    So, why did you go to this bar for ?
    yes, very random, and I really don't know, marriage is more spontaneous thng when two people are ready right? can't prepare for that, or at least I can't.
    Huh ? You never really answer my question, besides the fact that I can tell you have been having a lot of one night stands...
    Just for the free food .. naw I'll be going
    There's no free food, mister. You actually have to pay more for them. Tell us your real reason now...
    nice nice *pictures pictures*
    I don't know why, but I just went with the crowd
    So I see, you must be friends with Bored. So did you had a lot of sushi from the female body ?
    I have many times
    So are you horny about it ?
    I have many times
    So have you dream of this a lot ?
    I have many times
    So do you wish you can bed these girls ?
    I have many times
    *Notice the answer has been the same, as masashi was "concentrating" over eating.

    Which part of the body do you like to have your sushi on ?
    1- BOdy
    2- Upper BOdy
    3- Lower Body
    4- Smile

    Well, another happy customer we have here...

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    We speak to one of the girls working there now. Welcome, AIWANNABE.

    So tell us the most memorable event that happened while you worked yourself done.
    Here is the video of the kid fainting
    I am serious now......HIDE YOUR KIDS!
    So okay, we name out some guys, and we'll see if you know any of them.
    Masashi ?
    I found that drunk guy so funny
    To me he looks like a stalker now........
    Bored ?
    I know them all! Hehe!
    Any stars, perhaps, who frequents to see you ?
    Clay, Clay, Clay where did it go wrong?
    Okay, so what do you think of your regular customers ?
    I don't really care for them but they don't hurt.
    can we guess that they are a tad nervous?
    Nice on bored! Good luck on trying to see it!
    So if some guys stare too long and ask you out, what will you say ?
    Nop, don't think so
    Will you eat soon?
    We heard you appear on "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" show, and some scenes were censored. What do you have to say for yourself ?
    and sometimes the deleted scenes can be good, but they are deleted scenes for a reason.
    Maybe I really am the only one who liked this show.
    Well, that's our coverage on the famous sushi bars - the customers and the models.

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    AM - coz I'm bored


    What is the most daring thing you've done?

    Quote Originally Posted by audiomaster
    kissed someone of the same sex
    Ooooookay what would you do if that 'guy' rejected you?

    Quote Originally Posted by audiomaster
    slap him

    Quote Originally Posted by audiomaster
    I will kill the person.
    sadistic man!

    Some random convo:
    Quote Originally Posted by audiomaster
    Clipse. How are you ? What are you doing up so late ?
    I do believe Clipse is already seeing somebody AM, too bad

    NO seriosuly, here is the real party-AM. 3 steps for AM to have a full nice evening:

    Quote Originally Posted by audiomaster
    get into a club
    Quote Originally Posted by audiomaster
    start dancing
    Quote Originally Posted by audiomaster
    groping girls' asses
    *takes down notes*

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    Will get you next time. I see that you have seen my triple revenge special above.

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    Rude and Abrasive Texicana's Avatar
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    in the kitchen, darling!
    Ahh, Mas, that was brilliant!
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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