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Thread: Corporate Heights - Rise to the Top

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    I'm looking forward to the next episode too... I'm looking forward to hearing what AR Boy put in *his* diary...

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    Are we going to keep having episodes?

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    I'd expect so, but Bored is in Washington D.C. if I remember correctly.

    He'll probably write up the next episode a couple of days after his return. Next episode I get demoted!

    ~Healblade (next to last place)

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    Before our next episode... it's time for the inevitable RECRAP EPISODE!!!!!

    Here it is:

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first round of...


    Im your host and owner of BOM Inc, Bored. In the next few weeks, one of these 11 finalists...

    AR BOY

    Will become the NEW owner of BOM, inc.

    But first, they have to work their way to the top.

    DAY 1

    Haeij: Current Strategy: Don't appear to be a threat. Lie low at first. Boring strategy, but for the time being, it will do.

    Clipse: Right now my strategy is to get some alliances since I am new to these games and don't know most of these people I am expecting to get lots of votes to be kicked off.

    Welcome, you 11! As you know, youll be fighting for a chance to be the owner of the corporation. Heres how the game works: Every round youll have a job that you must fufill, such as being a secretary or a construction worker. To test your skills, there will be two kinds of challenges: A CEO challenge, and a Reward Challenge. Whoever wins the CEO challenge will be named CEO for the round, and will have to nominate 3 people to go up against the board of trustees. Each round, someone will be demoted, and that person will NOT move onto the next round. This round, you all will be... JANITORS. Have fun, and its time to get the ball rolling! This game is called...


    This game is a CEO(kind of like HOH) challenge. The person who wins will put up three people, whom everyone else will vote on. The person with the most votes will be demoted. Here are the rules...

    First, you must post "Wets Mop", wait 10 minutes
    Next, post "Washes Floor", wait 15 minutes,
    next, post "Wets Mop", wait 10 minutes,
    Next, post "Washes Floor", wait 15 minutes,
    and, finally, post "Runs to the finish line"

    However, from the beginning, there was dissention... and an argument between a janitor and the host!

    Colby: I don't mean to sound hateful, rude and whatever else, but this challenge is horrible! Any and all challenges where you have to be on at a certain time in order to win are inherently unfair. If I can't get on til 7 o' clock tonight, I may as well kiss being this week's CEO goodbye. Some people don't have the freedom to just say "Oh, there's a challenge at 6? I'll be there." I do have a life outside of the FORT, I promise. I probably won't be able to on at 6 and therefore won't win CEO at this juncture.

    Bored: Lets sum what I want to say up: Bored is pissed off already. Don't screw with bored. You'll still do fine. I could just entirely cut out challenges and start picking people to leave the game based on my own wants. I don't think you want that.


    Haeij: To be frank, I don't like challenges where your "game" posts have to be X amount of minutes apart. As Colby said, some of us DO have lives and won't be able to be here for most or all of the time.
    Anyways, the challenge got underway...

    Dfleming: *wets mop*
    Jayla: Wets Mop
    SF: Washes Floor
    EMC: wets mop, if it even matters

    The winner of the challenge... DFLEMING!!!

    Back in the confessional, Dflem gave thought to who to put up:

    Dflem: I have no idea who I'm going to nominate, and I'm honestly thinking of picking names out of a hat.

    However, soon enough, it would be the nomination ceremony...

    DAY 2:

    Bored: Howdy guys! Nice day out here... too bad were inside. But anyways, Its time for the five question quiz. Whoever does the best on this quiz will win immunity for themselves. Good luck, yall.

    With that, the players started furiously scribbling down answers. However, it came down to a tie between Haeij and EMC....

    Bored: Haeij... EMC... HAEIJ, YOUVE WON IMMUNITY! Dfleming, Im going to need you to make your nominations right now.

    Dfleming: I nominate... MOP, HB, and Colby. Sorry, guys.


    Colby: So, unfortunately, I'm now on the list for demotion. I don't know why, though, because people like AR Boy,who's said like one thing since he signed up and that was only that he wasn't sure if he could play, don't deserve to be safe while I'm on the block. Plus his avatar is disgusting to look at, so I wouldn't mind him being gone so I don't have to look at it anymore.

    SF: I have no idea who I am going to vote for right now.

    Suddenly, it was time for the vote...

    Welcome to your first vote-off. Since AR Boy didnt turn in his vote, his vote has become VOID. Anyways, lets continue with the ceremony...

    First off, who is safe?



    Time for the voting, then.

    First vote: HB

    Second vote: MOP

    Third vote: HB

    Fourth vote: MOP

    The fifth and final vote...

    MOP, Im sorry, but you have been demoted. But, see, at Corporate Heights, since you still work for the company, you'll still be asked to participate in most reward challenges and do some... other tasks. So, MOP, watch out for your revenge... In the next episode...

    (I really hope bored doesn't change the way he edits me after this.... )

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    Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgghh, 2 recaps in a row!

    BTW- Dflem, yours was much better that the Survivor one.

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    Aaah, Dflem, thanks. We needed the recrap

    Anyways, next episode will be on Wednesday.

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    alright bored, just making it easier for you to find when you're ready to post the next episode

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    Episode! Here! Sorry it's way late! Details on why inside...

    Episode 2 Buliding from the bottom down

    Welcome to yet another exciting episode of CH-R2TT! We might have been cancelled by FOX for being decent television programming, but were back! Anyways, on with the show...

    *Elimination Night Confessionals*

    Jayla - why does MOP get to vote, he's just a lonely 'ole janitor...

    Welcome to the final 10, everyone! I hope youve all rested up, because its time to do some manual labor. This time around, you all will be...


    Yep. Hope you have fun laying down those bricks. Anyways, youre going to be doing a group activity, and Ive got the groups...



    AR Boy



    And for this challenge, you will be building bricks.

    The rules?

    Each teammate has 2 bricks to build. First, the first teammate (it can be either one) will post "places bricks", will wait 5 minutes, then will post "glues bricks together". After 10 minutes, they will repeat that. Then, after another 10 minutes the second person will repeat the same process. Finally, after waiting another 10 minutes at the end, either the first or second person will post 'Finished'. This challenge will display some form of teamwork, or lack thereof. It will begin at 6, and end when one team finishes. Good luck.

    However, some contestants were surprised with the short notice...

    DF - I thought the chances of a pair of partners being on at the same time were slim to none, especially considering the fact that the rules were announced only a few hours ago, and some people may not have seen it.... oh well, I can always hope that colby gets on real soon, and that haej gets lost in a good tv show and forgets or something...

    However, as the challenge went on, the winner became more and more apparent....

    Clipse: Places Bricks

    Clipse: glues bricks together

    Haeij laces Bricks

    Haeij: Glues Bricks together

    Congrats, Haeij and Clipse, youve won immunity! Im going to need your nominations ASAP.

    Back in the confessional...

    Jayla: it sucks when your partner isn't even online!! oh, well Clipse has my back (I hope)...

    Healblade: Well, the game is in full swing now. My strategy: HIDE. Cower like a frightened puppy and hope people don't vote me off immediately. Hmm... dja v... Anyway, my strategy is working perfectly. Having to move back into my college dormroom and missing the challenge last night was just icing on the cake.

    SF: I am still in an alliance with Jayla and Dflem, unless they have turned on me.

    Meanwhile, the descision had been made, and a group meeting was called to announce who was up for elimination...

    Clipse: We have nominated....

    *To be continued...*

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