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Thread: Legwarmers and Aqua Net...

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    Your generation stuck mine with a motherload of cultural horrors (bradys! disco! plaid! roller skating!). -30% for being a yuppie.
    5 point bonus for telling me where you saw this. Thanks!

    Final Score: 66.6

    OK, I don't think I deserved to lose that 30% - I wasn't old enough to have "stuck" anyone with the Bradys, and I wasn't rich enough to be a Yuppie . . . although I did have a boyfriend that aspired to yuppiness in the 80's . . . maybe I do deserve it after all. Never mind. Look away.

    And I spelled colitas right!


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    117- and my head hurts now...
    and i cant believe i missed the metallica one... some of those i were on the tip of my tongue and i couldnt pull it together... damn.
    class of '87

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    I made 2 silly typos, and there were several songs that I knew, but didn't have the time or the inclination to try to figure out. All in all though, I'm pretty happy with 100.5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowedIn View Post
    And I spelled colitas right!
    Ya know, I never knew what they were saying there until this quiz!! Man you learn something new everyday!
    I the 80's...made a 72.5..kinda disappointed in my score but there were several that I kept trying to squeeze the melody outta my brain and it just didn't want to participate!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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