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Thread: Random Thoughts and Questions

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    How can people eat horseradish???
    "Success is falling nine times and getting up ten." - Jon Bon Jovi

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    KahlenRules Kahlenrules's Avatar
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    LOL. How can rabbits eat their own poop?

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    In the Kat House in Kanada
    How can people eat bugs, even if they're covered in chocolate? Ewww.
    Live simply ~ Love generously~ Care deeply~ Speak kindly

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    Why would anyone want to drive an SUV?
    All I wanted was a 45, a stinking 45 - the record or the gun. I'd even settle for the damn malt liquor. - Al Bundy.

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    Re: Random Thoughts and Questions

    How could thought withstand reason? It's all in perspective.
    Why are you crying? I'm not.
    Why do you hate me? I don't.
    You were once a noble person. Why are you now a coward? I was never noble.
    why do I see dead people? You must be that guy from the Sixth Sense.
    If man is supposed to help woman, how come when the woman needs help the man can’t get off his ass to do so? Because that's how we are.
    Is Michael Jackson REALLY God? Maybe.
    Who is God’s right hand person? Jesus. Or MJ.
    Who are you? JohnnyK.
    Why is the answer always no? It depends on what the series of questions are. Most of my answers I get are that.
    Why are all humans judged by appearance? Because people are shallow.
    Chocolate potatoes? No.
    If you threw the Pillsbury dough boy out the window, would he giggle or scream? Who knows? He's not real.
    Why do mallomars have cookies in them? I don't know what that is.
    Are small trees outcasts in tree society? I don't think so.
    Why isn’t the Pillsbury dough boy made of dough? Maybe he is.
    If money doesn’t grow on trees, than why do a lot of other things grow on trees? Because that's how nature intended it to be.
    If the artist Prince changed his name so many times, why did he call himself Prince in the first place? I dunno.
    Why does Country Crock have a buttery taste but is made out of veggie oil? I don't think I've tried it.
    How come when I think about raining, it starts to rain? It doesn't for me.
    Why are people considered “black” and “white” if no one is really black or white? Because that's the easy way of classifying people.
    Why are there signs of “No Standing” near bus stops? Because it's insanity.
    If people can’t park in front of a church, why do they park there anyway? Because they have nowhere else to go.
    Why is life so over exaggerated in operas? Because it's fiction.
    If Miss Piggy is a girl pig, than why is she voiced by a guy? To give her a unique cartoon-like voice.
    If man evolved from apes, then why do we still have apes? To remind us of where we came from.
    Whose cruel idea was is to put an “s” in the word “lisp”? Someone with a sense of humor.
    Why do Americans speak broken English? Because we're lazy and not British.
    Why does the food taste bad in London, but the drinks taste good?? What food?
    When you go to a stop sign why do you stop then go again? Because we need to slow down in case someone's coming.
    If you aren’t evil, why do you look like hell? Because i had dental surgery today.
    Why are French fries now freedom fries? Dunno.
    Why was the jock strap invented? Because it's a funny fashion trend.
    Why are some of the best bands not even known? Like who?
    Why is life so complicated? Because it just is. Life also is not fair.
    Is there such thing as “Moron Cow Disease”? No.
    What about “Flatulent Cow Disease”? Maybe.
    Is Spongebob the next American Idol? No.
    Why is tree bark rough? Because it's wood.
    Does karma work? Sometimes.
    Why must we go to war? Because the government is sending us.
    Why was the 80s such a horrible decade? It wasn't.
    Where is the fountain of youth? In mythology.
    Is there a song that everyone hates? Friday.
    Are you having fun yet? Sure.
    Why are people so cruel these days? People were always cruel. Life isn't fair, especially when the cruel are happier with themselves than the kind.
    Why should we never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups? Because stupidity can take over the world if we're not careful. It already has.
    Is Jesus really the answer? For Christians.
    Do you know the song that gets on everybody’s nerves, everybody’s nerves, everybody’s nerves? Yes.
    How come a man can ruin the best words? Like roMANce, woMAN, et cetera? Because that's how the language was designed. Why are there words like MANiac? MANic?

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