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Thread: Quiz: The temptation test

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    Quiz: The temptation test

    I was very amused by this one... now I'll admit, that I'm not perfect in terms of withstanding attractions..... so I just had to know.

    The Temptation test


    We've all heard it before, "Everything in moderation." It's just you're one of the only ones who can actually do just that even when it comes to the most tempting of temptations. As a true Moderate, you're the type who allows yourself bits and pieces of life's innocent pleasures but knows when and how to draw the line before you get carried away.

    Because you treat yourself when you have a strong craving, you can more easily say "no" to excessive temptations when they arise. Good for you you've managed to achieve the perfect balance between pleasing the little angel and the little devil on your shoulders. Getting and maintaining this healthy sense of discipline is a place we should all strive for. (We'll meet you there right after Jerry Springer's over and the gallon of ice cream's gone).

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    It has become apparent that the word "no" is not one you use too often. In fact, it seems you just might have replaced it with "sure," "pour it on," and "I'll take it." As a Hedonist, you probably see no reason to put limits on pleasure. When the little angel of your conscience arrives on your shoulder to challenge your indulgent side, it's usually knocked off by that little devil who's never too far away from your decisions

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