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Thread: Quiz: Are you a Sex God/Goddess?

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    Hark - the oracle speaks! A bolt of lightning falls from the sky! SHAZAAM! As the smoke clears, the hidden deity in you emerges and is revealed to be:

    ZEUS, God of Thunder.

    Like a ten-megaton bomb, you drop from the sky and into the arms of your lovers. Seduction is not just a simple game for you, it's a way of life. With your handsome looks and masculine charms, you wow the ladies until all resistance has worn away. As ruler of the gods, you like to remain in control of your relationships. From casual discussions to techniques in the bedroom, you like to call the shots. You may have many admirers, but you might tend to fall a little short on some virtues -- such as fidelity. Your mind wanders at the slightest provocation. You have been known to have several women on your mind (and in your bed) at once. But, hey, with such powerful feelings thundering inside, you need to spread your love around, right? What's certain is that once you get busy, your godly nature starts working overtime. As you perform your magic, that special someone will know exactly why they call you a true sex god.
    Some people are like slinkies, they're useless until you push them down the stairs.

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    Heavens above -- you are an absolute goddess in bed! Your deeply sensual nature and sexual confidence drive men crazy with desire. Persephone, goddess of the night, is your inner deity and she guides your every move.

    There ya have it!
    It occurred to me that no matter how bleak things might seem at times, at least I have a head. ----Stargazer

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    The smoke clears to reveal that inside you is a divine being,

    the Goddess ATHENA.

    You're a powerful woman who knows what she wants and just how to get it. Of all the deities, you come closest to the modern woman. Strong and sensual, you're someone who doesn't shy away from a challenge. In fact, it's precisely the challenge that excites you. You have no tolerance for traditional gender roles, so seduction is your specialty. You probably have no problem being the aggressor, nor do you mind being in control of a relationship. In bed, you might even take the lead and make sure that nothing's over until you are thoroughly satisfied. Your self-confidence and security have allowed you to use your sexuality exactly the way that pleases you. Your lovers undoubtedly sense your inner divinity and worship your ways. You demand and receive respect from whomever you decide to bed. And like a light from the heavens, your partner discovers your true inner nature. Behold, the skies proclaim, here lies a goddess!

    Oh yeah, that's me. In spades.

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