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Thread: What breed of dog are you at work?

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    FORT Fogey
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    What breed of dog are you at work?


    Anna, your breed of dog at work is a German Shepherd

    You're highly competitive when it comes to the workplace, though you don't always let people know it. You tend to voice your opinions only when they're well thought out, and that helps you out when it comes to inter-office dynamics.

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    FORT Regular xfakter13's Avatar
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    Todd, your breed of dog at work is a Labrador

    You are a workhorse when it comes to the workplace. It's not that you necessarily spend more hours focused on projects; it's just that people come to you for good answers and solid solutions. They count on you.

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    senrik, your breed of dog at work is a Great Dane

    You have an uncanny ability to mask your leadership qualities until the time is ripe. You're not one to blurt out your design until you've had enough time to fully form your grand plans.
    "The purpose of the new capitalism is to shoot the wounded." ~ Andy Grove, Chairman, Intel Corporation

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