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Thread: What Kind of Monkey Are You?

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    Oct 2003
    What Kind of Monkey Are You?

    you're a Chimpanzee.
    Some people are like slinkies, they're useless until you push them down the stairs.

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    From the corner of my eye Jewelsy's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    in the middle of the Monsoons
    She should form a Chimp club...

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    Wonky snarkmistress Lucy's Avatar
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    Playing kickball for the beer
    How bizarre. I'm a gorilla.

    Lucy, you're a Gorilla.

    You are known within your circle of friends a rock solid, steadfast caretaker. You protect those you care about, no questions asked. Perhaps some see you as a little rough around the edges, but if you'd just stop baring your teeth, people will see straight through to your heart of pure gold. Still, you don't have to abandon your in-your-face attitude, just lighten up a little and give people the chance to get to know you. Because when you make friends, they're often friends for life.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    Adelitas Way 7.14.09 libra1022's Avatar
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    I'm another oddball...

    It's unlikely that anything we say here will surprise you, as you are an insanely smart, perceptive individual who spends a lot of time deep in thought. You're known within your family (at least your family in the wild) to be the one who blazes new trails and is sometimes nomadic. Unlike other certain primate wanderers, however, you might choose to trek out on your own instead of with large groups.

    You might have been the type of kid looking for your own adventures and telling your parents not to worry as you boarded the train in some small, Czech town without a station name, but hey, you're careful, right?

    Hiking is something most orangutans love, but then again, they just like getting out and stretching their limbs — whether between vines, branches, or sale racks. And if you're not as enthusiastic in the athletic arena, you probably just stretch your mind more to make up for it and that keeps you well-balanced.

    If you do not have a family yet, don't be surprised to find yourself as a doting parent when you do. You have deep affection and respect for your children and entrust them to grow and develop into strong, aware young people

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