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Thread: What's Your Animal Magnetism?

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    What's Your Animal Magnetism?


    Anna, you're a Raccoon in the wild world of love.


    Aren't you a crafty creature, Raccoon? There's a reason for that mask on your face it makes it easier to sneak out the back door unnoticed after a late-night prank or two. You're a nocturnal prowler and a fun-loving jokester with a definite social streak. There's never a dull moment when you're up for a party or a wild night on the town. After all, who can resist a free-spirited flirt with a great sense of humor? Your abundance of charm doesn't hurt your act either. You subtly move in on your prey, sneaking out of the shadows where you plot your next punch line. Before they even know what hit them, you've left them howling with laughter and disappeared off again into the night.

    It's a wonder people never tire of your rabble-rousing antics, you tease. It must be something about your mysterious allure that keeps you so fiendishly intriguing. Or maybe it's your approach to living in the moment. Life's a party and you live it and that's what makes you so irresistible!

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    Shhh it's a secret

    Grrrr. Go get 'em, Tiger! You know what you want and how to get it. And with your powerful stealth and impressive attitude who are we to tell you otherwise? You're a natural predator in the lush jungle of love. With plenty of poise, power, and perfect timing, you'll charm the pants off any target you set your sights on. You've got beauty and grace that's irresistible to most who cross your path. Your territory is so well marked, it's not surprising that you sometimes can be a bit of a loner instead of hanging with the pack.

    Sophisticated and discriminating, you set your standards high when out hunting for love. Trendy new hot spots are probably your typical habitat though any place you can find sleek, beautiful mates is good in your book. Your confidence and charm will certainly get your partner purring. And whether it's your bold patterns or the stealthy way you pounce, there's just something people can't resist about you.

    Ahh, the things people don't know about me. . . .hehehe.
    Who shot who in the what now?

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    Todd, you're an Elephant in the wild world of love.

    You're a favorite amongst any herd, aren't you, my little Elephant? Like your animal alter ego, you're probably more devoted, family-oriented, and loyal than your average creature roaming the jungle of love. For you, mating is probably more about expressing your feelings than just satisfying sexual urges. Overall, you're great with people, and you always seem to have a story or comment that leaves the group feeling better about things

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    Senrik, you're a Polar Bear in the wild world of love.

    You're one clever and complex cub, Polar Bear. Sure, you don't hibernate like most of your cousins, but you're not exactly one to spend all your time chasing tail either. Still, it seems you don't have any trouble reeling in worthy partners with that alluring wit of yours. You're a smarty who isn't afraid to delve into the deeper sides of life. When you're feeling shy and reserved, however, you might just prefer to roam the expanses solo at least for a while.

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