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Thread: What's Your Lucky Charm?

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    What's Your Lucky Charm?


    Lucky Penny

    Stop looking to the sky to thank your lucky stars. You need to keep your eyes on the ground because lucky pennies are the good luck charms that could change your life.

    Starting now, you should see pennies in a whole new light. They're not just copper pieces destined to sit at the bottom of your coin jar. They're neglected pieces of American currency that carry with them a small piece of history—a history that has fatefully wound up in your hand.

    But before you go diving for every Abraham Lincoln you see on the street, remember that only heads-up pennies are considered lucky. If they're minted the same year you were (born that is), even better. But a penny with a hole in it is the luckiest of all. Wear it around your neck as a charm and watch your fortunes change. Tossing your lucky penny into a fountain could make your wildest wish come true. And if it doesn't, it's just time to find a new lucky penny.

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    Rabbit's Foot

    There's just something mysterious about you when it comes to luck. That's why your good luck charm is a rabbit's foot.

    Originating in the voodoo back waters of the bayou, the rabbit's foot is extremely powerful and brings good luck to all (except rabbits).

    Some say that the rabbit must be killed during a full moon by a cross-eyed person and the left hind foot must be carried in the left jacket pocket for it to be truly lucky. However this is not always the case. Given the bunny's reputation for fertility, you might get lucky at the mere thought of a rabbit's foot.

    Regardless of your ritual, carrying a colorful rabbit's foot is a constant reminder that you are lucky, and have great things to look forward to.
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