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Thread: Where are you most at home?

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    Where are you most at home?



    Your "me" time is sacred. And who can blame you? With all the different directions we're pulled in each day, we could all use a little time by ourselves to refuel the old battery. That's why the bedroom is a great haven for you. Surrounded by the things that comfort you most whether down pillows, soft blankets, or your favorite knickknacks. The boudoir is a place you can take time to relax, think, and just be you.

    It's where you can tuck yourself into your favorite chair and write in your journal or climb into bed, pull the covers up, and take an undisturbed catnap. Even as kids, our bedrooms were places that were definitively ours, and that's never changed. A heavenly mixture of coziness and solitude, you'll find no better sanctuary than your very own bedroom.

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    Shhh it's a secret

    There's just something really comforting about that refuge off the side of the house. Whether it's where you've made a studio, a shop, or where you store all your memories that normally clutter your closets, the garage somehow speaks to you. No expectations. No deadlines. And certainly no dress code. That adds to the allure as an ideal haven for you.

    Whether you're wiling away the hours with a hands-on project or just slipping out the back door for a little R&R (rust and relaxation), the garage provides the perfect escape. Everyday life doesn't exist here, unless you're a car, and that's part of the appeal. There's something therapeutic about spending time there with friends, or alone in your ratty old sweatshirt and holiest pair of jeans. Just remember one man's junk is another man's treasure. And that's what garages are for.

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    Living Room

    With its friendly atmosphere and generous accommodations, the living room is the happiest spot in the house for you. After all, it's always a party waiting to happen and who better to play host? Whether you're lounging on an overstuffed couch chatting on the phone or sharing a bowl of chips and a movie with your family and friends, the living room gives you both a sense of endless possibilities and creature comforts. It's where everyone gathers to share good news and bad, to celebrate life's victories, and provide comfort through its disappointments. When you're in the living room, you're never alone for long. And even when it's a full house, there's always room for one more.
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    Re: Where are you most at home?


    you're most at home in the Kitchen Whether it's the social nature of meals, hanging out, or cooking that draws you here, the kitchen is the warmest place in the house for you literally and figuratively. Too many cooks in the kitchen? That's doubtful in your home because the room with the food is the focus of so many good times. Your idea of comfort is fabulous food and people to share it with. It's where you can sit with the sun streaming through the windows as you read the morning paper, or where the smell of freshly baked cookies can coax a smile from even the glummest of moods. Heck, kitchens have been the gathering places for families for centuries. So you're just following in a long line of tradition.

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    Re: Where are you most at home?

    Me too Bobo, I got Kitchen. That site is spooky accurate.

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    Re: Where are you most at home?

    Bedroom for me too.

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