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Thread: What Flavor Fits You?

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    What Flavor Fits You?


    Sunny Orange

    Your sunny disposition and happy-go-lucky attitude are the kinds of traits everyone loves to have around. Our bet is you're known as the chief supporter in your clan. If there's a bash to throw, you're likely the first one on the horn. If there's a crisis at hand, you can usually be counted on to rally the troops. Easy to talk to and fun to be around, you have a gift for blending perfectly no matter what the situation.

    This positive energy extends beyond good times into every other aspect of your life. Whatever your career path or goals, your natural ability to win people over and communicate ideas with enthusiasm are two key secrets to your success. The same glass-half-full attitude that makes you a fab friend will work its magic in the workplace. And in the world of business, those kinds of good vibes are always refreshing.

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    hmmmmm, I'm not so sure about this one......
    Crazy Cranberry

    We have to hand it to you. With your self-confidence, gumption, and joie de vivre, you're usually two steps ahead of the pack, willing to try anything once (and usually twice). We'd guess that kind of devil-may-care attitude has won you loads of admirers, particularly those wanting in on some of that positive energy (or maybe just wondering what the heck you're going to do next). Regardless, you're always refreshing with a little kick a combination sure to juice up any crowd.

    You're a real self-starter, and tend to be motivated by the unknown. For you, the possibilities are endless. And that kind of adventuresome attitude is contagious. That's probably why people tend to look to you to shake things up you never know what kind of fabulous cocktail you'll come up with.
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    Playful Passion Fruit

    Sunny, carefree, and a little bit of a prankster at times your playful, passionate attitude is like a tropical paradise everyone wants to visit. You're definitely an original, unfazed by what others might think of your choices and ambitions. And that's a rare trait, my friend. In fact, it probably explains why so many of your pals are drawn to you. Well, that and your ability to have a good time with a real zest for life!

    Your easygoing personality is also a welcome refreshment in the workplace. Must be because you refuse to sweat the small stuff. Or maybe it's your knack for keeping the big picture in mind while making sure things stay upbeat and on track. This confidence will take you far, if you so choose. But on the other hand, we wouldn't be surprised to see you close up shop and set sail for sunnier horizons. After all, life's too short to spend in a cubicle. And we think that upbeat attitude deserves a warm climate.

    I love these quizzes. They always find a way to make "irresponsible and flippant" sound good.

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    Authentic Apple

    True to the core, you're adored for being both good-natured and caring. In fact, when it comes to friends, you're the gold standard the one everyone comes to for advice, perspective, and plain old good times. Truth is, people just like having you around. Must be something about your solid disposition that everyone finds so appealing. Or maybe it's the fact that you show your true colors so people know you're the real deal...

    Regardless, it's not surprising that you mix so well in so many situations from large get-togethers, to one-on-one time. Whatever your goals, you aim high while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. Overall, the people in your life trust you because you are willing to give straight advice and honest feedback. With your pleasant approach, and drive to find excitement in even the littlest things, it's no wonder you're the apple of so many eyes.
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