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Thread: What's Your Cat's True Identity?

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    What's Your Cat's True Identity?

    Cat lovers, take this quiz!


    My kitty is Winnie the Pooh reincarnated (I'm devastated to learn that he/she died!)

    Former Incarnation: Winnie the Pooh

    Aliases: Snooky, Poohsticks, Woozel, Droopy, Munchie, Snugglebuns, Shoo-shoo, Furball

    Description: Subject can be identified by its vulnerable and cuddly nature. Subject can generally be found on a lap or in any location that promises snuggling and adoration. When it cannot find a human heating pad to sleep on, it can be spotted sprawled out in awarm, sunny spot. Subject can be needy and demanding. Subject is a member of the new twelve step program, Codependent Cats (CC). It is loyal and will most likely add a light layer of fur to all of your clothes. Has a knack for knitting, kneading, and baking blueberry pies. Meows frequently and happily, and may be caught singing silly songs to itself. Prefers light reading and children's books. Dreams of moving to an amusement park.

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    that is a really cool site. thank you for showing it to us

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    My kitty is Jabba the Hut.

    Former Incarnation: Jabba the Hut

    Aliases: Fatso, Lardass, Bluto, The Fridge, Tubby, Blob, Garfield, Chubmeister, Lazybones, Weasy

    Description: Subject is totally lazy. Will eat anything ins ight, as long as doing so does not require a great deal of movement. Subject has predilection for soft and comfortable lounging places, preferably in the sunshine. During obligatory movement, may exhibit lateral wobbling motion or tendency to waddle. To avoid injury, do notstand in its way while subject is running. Eyes tend to be a bit dull and unfocused, unless the subject of conversation is food or rest. In such cases, a peculiar focus dominates the gaze. Is not a great conversationalist, although has been known to talk for hours with friends about culinary discoveries found in the trash. Most people confuse this cat's frequent burps for meows. Prefers television to reading. Dreams of training a mouse to become its butler.

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