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Here's my results:


Grab your tux in a past life you were an Emperor penguin of distinguished character and notable charm. Here's what we know about you: Adored by all, you looked particularly dashing in your top hat and tails. Quite the visionary, you brought popular theater to the ice-skating rink. "Cats...on Ice!" and "The Saturday Night Fever Ice Capades" were two of your best-received works and were especially big hits with your friends and neighbors. Your fame would have spread worldwide if not for the fact that you looked exactly like every other penguin on the ice cap. Frustrated, you made a brash attempt to assert your individuality: You threw away your penguin suit; purchased a racy, powder-blue number with frilly cuffs; and set sail for the mainland. International acclaim eluded you, but you were quite content spending the rest of your days in Tierra del Fuego, where your all-ice-skating production of "Hamlet" met with great praise and commercial success.