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Thread: What Renews You?

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    What Renews You?

    Take the quiz at http://www.emode.com/tests/renew/

    Mine isn't really accurate, because I actually really like routine:

    Trying New Things

    Setting off on an adventurous trip, finding a new hobby, or even introducing yourself to the new neighbors — these are the things that help put that spring back in your step. You're more curious than many, and it's the pursuit of new places, sights, sounds, and experiences that revitalizes both you and your perspective on life.

    Because of this, things can start to drag when you get trapped in a routine. Exploring — whether in your own back yard or beyond — keeps you feeling fresh. And why shouldn't it? There's always a new city to discover, a new restaurant to try, or a new friend to make, and they all add to the experience you call life. Of course, there might also be times when you're tempted by some of life's more passive pleasures (watching movies, sleeping late). But ultimately, your true replenishment comes from getting involved and plugging into your keen interest in the world around you.

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    Yep this one hits the nail on the head for me...

    Spending Time With Others

    When life's storms set you adrift in a sea of worries, you know you can always find an anchor in the people closest to you. Whether it's a long weekend talk on the phone with that relative you miss, an afternoon at a café with a dear friend, or a morning snuggling in bed with your sweetheart, you feel rejuvenated when you've made a connection with someone who knows you well. This doesn't necessarily mean you don't like to spend at least some time alone with your thoughts. It's just that you're particularly good at drawing energy and inspiration from those around you. So next time life makes you feel squeezed and pulled in too many directions, set aside some time to center yourself by spending time with friends, family, or your special someone.

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    Jewels, you're renewed by pampering yourself

    Whether it's a homemade facial or a trip to a day spa, a package of yummy cookies or dinner out at your favorite restaurant, there's not doubt about it. You love a treat! And you deserve one! Nothing revitalizes your energy and zest for life like indulging your senses with a reward worth working for.

    Yep, this one's pretty true.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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