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Thread: Meet The Four - Blair Perkins - Season 1

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    Meet The Four - Blair Perkins - Season 1

    Blair Perkins
    Age: 25
    Corona, CA

    Twitter: @blairperkins
    Instagram: @blairperkins
    Facebook: BlairPerkinsMusic

    There are many people who dream of stardom, but only few that succeed in making that dream a reality.

    Blair Perkins, born in Los Angeles, California, is considered the true meaning of productiveness. From the age of 9, Blair has shown dedication, drive and passion towards what he loves the most, music. Since then, Blair has proven himself to be one of the hardest working artists of his generation. As a singer/songwriter, Blair compares to no one. His voice and lyrics are what many people would say is the key to changing contemporary R&B music - proving him to be the world’s newest potential legend.

    Currently, Blair is in the studio working on his self-titled debut album. Stepping away from the typical R&B stereotype, Blair plans on redefining the genre by fusing its past with its future. While developing his sound as an artist, Blair will continue to work hard and fight for the number one spot that many believe is already his.


    Get to Know The Four - Facebook Video

    The First Four React To A Surprise Of A Lifetime - FOX.com
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