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Thread: Pictures-Fortcon 2005

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    Pictures-Fortcon 2005

    So, I was the first to have to leave , but that means the rest of y'all finally get to see a little bit of what's going on I didn't take as many as I would have liked, but it's hard to use the camera with a beer in one hand and a slot machine handle in the other!

    This one is from Thursday, Libra1022, J.D. and I were ahead of everyone else getting into town, but we didn't waste any time! First we went to the Amercan Storm show (from VH1's Strip Search show) and then went downtown to Fremont street. Thats Libs and JD in the lower left corner.

    This one is from Friday, when we met in the Casbar Lounge at the Sahara. We all watched the Pete Willcox show, and I hope someone has some pics from that. I myself was too busy helping sing Viva Las Vegas and getting lei'd by the backup singer.
    Left to right; Critical , Mariner, roseskid , totoro, totoro's sister (sorry I forgot your name), igotalife, jewelsy, jewelsy's relative?(sorry I didn't meet him!),John. Take a look at the corner of John that's in this pic. Is he giviing the evil eye or something?

    Here's igotalife, bragging about her part time job as a model at the East Texas Dentistry Center.

    We did let libs have a moment of silence for those who couldn't make it. She didn't pout long though!

    The next day we all just kinda hung out in between gambling and drinking (speaking for myself of course)
    Here's the Sultan of the Sahara with his harem
    Left to right; Unkleskott, "someone whose name begins with P", Jewelsy,libra1022, JLuvs, dagwood, SueEllenMinshke, Yardgnome77, Mariner. Snowflakegirl, and her hubby and Mom showed up right after this, but I didn't get a picture.

    The classic Vegas scene... Left to right; Gracie, Dagwood, JD, me (queenb)

    Gabriel, this is for you; they actually has a screen with a slide show of Dean, Frank, etc, but I was to slow to catch that part. But dagwood and libs say hey, and we were thinking about ya!

    This was right before I headed to the airport; a bunch of us got together at the cafe to get a bite;
    Left to right; Pom's hair, Roseskid, Critical, Mariner, Stargazer

    For those who I didn't catch up with before I left, love you guys, it was a hoot! I think I was kinda buzzin anyway and forgot to tell each person how much I enjoyed meeting them and hanging out. Next year?

    Anyway, I think I'll go back to bed for a while. My hair hurts.
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    Cool! Thanks for posting queenb. Looks like you guys had a blast.

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    Thanks for the pics queenb and I see the screen in pic.. Glad you all had a good time.
    Your hair hurts? oooh I remember those days.
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    What great pics! It looks like you're all having a fabulous time. More, more!
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    Thanks so much for the pics Queenb! You guys look like you are having a great time!

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    Awww - I am glad yall had a great time. I love putting faces with names.
    I hope I can make next year's FORTcon - wherever that may be.

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    Wonderful!! Everyone looks like they had a fabulous time with so much to see and do. Loved the pic with Libs next to the OTiS sign.
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    Great pics, queenb! I'm so jealous, looks like everyone had a blast!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Great pictures, You guys sure look like you had fun.

    Maybe next year, I have to start saving my pennies.
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    Thanks for the pics. Nice to see pictures of those we hang out with here at the FORT. Looks like you were all having a great time!

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