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Thread: FORTcon 2

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    My problem is that due to the nature of my work, I don't have weekends off, so I would have to take three of my extra days off (and I only get 5) to do this...UNLESS it's my vacation. And we have to pick our 2005 vacations sometime during November or December, at which point they are "carved in stone" so to speak ...
    What I'm getting at, someone please hurry up with a date, and I'll be sure to make it next time!
    I'll also put in a good word for the Golden Nugget, if it's Vegas!
    By the way, I'll also volunteer to help the other Southern Belles learn to dress for cool weather, this Georgia Peach doesn't freeze up North (well, maybe if I went in the middle of winter I would, but I'm good at least halfway through November!)

    Um, Phat...Savannah maybe but NOT Atlanta...Atlanta is not a fun tourist place, nor is Birmingham! !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    That would be waaay too cold for all the southern belles.
    Hey now, I love NYC, just not in the winter! I think what was so shocking about Chicago is that last weekend was the first colder weekend of the season in many cities, and of course it was accentuated by the fact we were in the Windy City. They don't call it that for nothing, you know!

    But let's worry about Vegas, baby! I realize it is really early to plan officially, but maybe it would be possible to just pick a date soon, so we can have the pleasure of meeting queenB this time. Are we thinking about the fall again, or maybe sometime as early as March or April? I understand that we don't want to be in Vegas during the summer.
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    I agree with QueenB, Atlanta can be quite intimidating in scope. It was for me. I hid out in Lawrenceville.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    That would be waaay too cold for all the southern belles.
    NY is in the mid 60s right now. IMO that isn't that cold. Isn't Chicago colder?

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    It's going to be 63 here today. Last weekend was unusually cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse
    I might have to fight for Vancouver in '06. But I really want to go to Montreal so I'll give in. Eva and I have approved it, that means Montreal in '06

    I wouldn't be able to go to Vancouver so Montreal it should be. Atleast you can come here I know people wouldn't be dissapointed with this city and plus...it's one of the only places I'll ever be able to meet people from here, seeing as traveling doesn't happen often (unless it's within driving distance).

    ETA: I will be in Arizona for a wedding in November, so if there's anyone there, we can perhaps meet. (only there for 2 days)

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    1. Just realized what FORTcon means.
    2. Live in Michigan - could have EASILY joined you in the windy city.
    3. Probably won't be able to join you in Vegas.
    4. Wishes there were some sort of FORT welcome letter so that I don't miss any more fun!!

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    I vote for Montreal in '06... I think we should submit that to the IFC (International FORTcon Committee) Eva, clipse, jay and silver are all in favor I know... maybe some of us could head up the official bid?

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    I don't know if I could travel that far. I'm still liking the East Coast idea, and as close to North Carolina (but still somewhat iconic) is great!

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    Vegas in 2005 sounds like a plan. I'll be there with bells on.

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