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Thread: FORTcon Favorite Memories

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    Hi, Olivia!

    FORTcon Favorite Memories

    *Walking into the hospitality suite at the Crowne Plaza and not only was I not greeted with shouts of "Oh GOD no!" or pelted by rotten tomatoes, but welcomed warmly by everyone

    *Meeting Jewelsy for the first time

    *Working with Stargazer on arranging a "Party Shuttle" to Shoeless Joe's

    *Having L.G. sit on my lap...to discuss employment law (What you say!)

    *Conversing about religion, Shakespeare, fine dining, travel and the mystique of Steve Young over dinner with the Spegses

    *Sneaking a cigarette at the bar in Shoeless Joe's with Lucy, Amanda, Jewelsy and John

    *gracie's friend and I work for the same major conglomerate; we stopped and spoke about that, shaking our heads at what a small world it is

    *Being told "Now, this is what it sounds like when doves cry" and receiving a hug

    *Sitting in the bar and discussing "Get Your War On," Hate! and theonion.com with Amanda

    *Cigars and martinis with Amanda, the Godfather and Lucy

    *Browsing the FORT with everyone who showed up for FORTcon

    *The Exodus-like odyssey that was the trip from the hotel to the Navy Pier

    *Chinese lunch in the Navy Pier food court with Lucy, Shazzer, Mantenna, Stargazer and Paulie; discussing Shazzer and Mantenna's Endless Love music duet; "...in bed" fortune cookies

    *Being invited to the bar with John and squatman to get our daily dose of male bonding

    *Meeting the TAR guys

    *Being invited to "sidekick" Sher and her beau's characters in City of Heroes and nearly passing out from the sheer honor of it

    *Being coached by the Godfather on how to handle a "I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry" phone call--and having his advice work!!

    *Tequila and Jager shots with John, squatman, Unk, OTS and libs

    *Discussing the "world's best beers" with squatman

    *Staying up 'til 5 (am) with John, Jewelsy, Scott and libs

    *Breakfast with John, L.G. and Wolf

    *The Sears Tower Posse...and my walking into the wrong building thinking it was the Sears Tower (and the others keeping their promise to stay quiet about it)

    *The Amazing Race with L.G. from Sears Tower back to O'Hare and Midway Airports

    Attendees, what are some of yours?
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    Quote Originally Posted by phat32
    *The Sears Tower Posse...and my walking into the wrong building thinking it was the Sears Tower (and the others keeping their promise to stay quiet about it)
    Now, we all kept mum about it, didn't we. Phat, you're still the master navigator of the trip, even though we couldn't recognize the tallest building in America.

    Quote Originally Posted by phat32
    *The Amazing Race with L.G. from Sears Tower back to O'Hare and Midway Airports
    We did fabulous on that final leg, despite the agents all around. Kudos to my racing partner.

    I loved the moments you mentioned, plus:

    * the educational video on the Sears Tower, which seemed to focus more on farms in rural Illinois than the tower itself. Don't forget the cartoon video of the birds in the elevator on the way up to the observation deck in the Sears Tower that scared the crap out of me because, well, who is expecting a loud video to start up in an ELEVATOR. I was still a little punchy after being jammed into a glass tube waiting for the elevator, but was really glad I didn't get stuck in a revolving door like Manny did.

    * John's Thumb Dance, while wearing the cow hat.

    * SC's (or should we say DiscoBoy's) own personal American Idol contest, coupled with "who sang this one hit wonder" contest. Too bad we were internet-less at that moment and couldn't actually come up with answers. How ironic.

    * Meeting Sher at the Airport and wandering through the sea of identical rental cars before picking out a Chevy Malibu that looked, um, identical to all the rest, and then navigating ourselves to the hotel that changed names without warning.

    * Entering the hospitality suite Friday afternoon and wondering "oh God, what have we gotten into" for a full 30 seconds before starting the hugs all around. Loved the nametags, btw Stargazer, as those are definitely "keeper" material.

    * SOMEONE's comments hoping their plane doesn't crash because no-one in real life knew where they were, and they'd hate to end up one of those "they went to meet people from the internet" type of news stories back home.

    * Finally parking my ass on a nice warm bus after leaving Navy Pier and wondering how many hours we would need to stand in the cold waiting for the trolley. Good call, Mr. spegs and thanks to "I'm going to the blue line lady" for directing us back to the L.

    * Our groups uncanny ability to find a bar everywhere we looked, and then Phat's complete inability to locate a liquor store in Chicago. That's inconceivable!

    * Getting to meet Edward, and Edward's super parents, the lovely Snowflake Girl and her super sweet Snowflake Man.

    * Finding out just how "off the hook" Jewelsy is in person. Jewels, you rock!

    * Discussing superhero powers on the train with Wolf, Manny, Phat, and some random guy on the train who seemed to be auditioning for the role of SHAZAAM!!!!!!

    * Uncle Scott annoucing, "look, no hands" and then nearly face-planting on the train. Look Unk, no teeth.

    * Watching John deperately try to avoid having to "lead" the whole group, yet everyone kept following him anyway. You're a born leader, John, and with your height, we could always find you a Navy Pier.

    * The Rockettes arm-link link that we did to keep warm waiting for the Haunted Ship, that eventually morphed into an arm-linked circle which encompassed John. Then my shoe-lace came undone and I nearly crashed the entire circle into Lake Michigan. That would have been cold. Paulie, you would have saved me, right?

    * Nearly trampling Wolf in the Haunted House when being pursued by some creepy hachet-weilding guy. And here we thought Ilikai didn't make it.

    * Meeting the Blue Meaney - Manny family and seeing how cool they all were together.

    * the whole weekend was just packed with super-fun memories. Thanks guys!
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    All great memories. I really did NOT want to lead any packs, but somehow ended up either in the lead, or deciding what to do next, almost the entire weekend. How did that happen??

    Some of my good memories:

    * The cow hat, of course. Thanks Unk! I'll get you back, you know...

    * The blonde waitress at Shoeless Joe's who kept leaning over the backside of the bar to talk to a patron over there. She had impossibly short shorts. Phat, you know what I'm talkin' about.

    * Telling Phat "we need an exit" when trying to find the trolley stop. I felt so Matrixy.

    * The walk back from the train station, hugging a frozen Shazzsicle the whole way.

    * Getting to ask Steve and Dave some questions I hadn't asked them before, and just hanging out with them for a little while.

    * Chain-smoking with OTS, Lucy, Phat, Amanda, Libs, and Jewels, and the cigar-smokin' Mr. Snowflake.

    * The sound the bell made when last call was announced each night. And the bartender saying "time for y'all to leave now" at 3am.

    And so many other memories...

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    Great memories, you guys! I miss you all! I'll post some when I get back home.

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    The whole FORTcon was memorable, but here are a few memories that stood out for me.

    * Meeting John and my fellow mods, LG, Sher, Amanda, and Paulie. After more than two years knowing you guys, it was wonderful to finally meet you guys face to face.

    * When LG and Sher arrived at the hospitality with their cheerful selves and brightened the whole room.

    *Shuttle picking us at the bar and clueless cell phone guy oblivious to what was going on around him

    *Unk's "Look Ma, no hands" and almost falling when the train started moving. That was a classic moment. Glad you didn't get hurt, though.

    *Following John at the on our way to the Navy Pier even though sometimes he didn't know where he was going. He did warn us, but we didn't care. We just followed him like .

    *Having so much fun waiting in line for about 30 minutes in the freezing cold to get on the Haunted Pirate ship. Once we made it inside the haunted ship, the whole non-scary tour only took about a 1 minute. The only time I got scared was when LG ran into me because of some crazy ghost pirate chasing her.

    *Sher and S.C. (Disco Boy) telling us the story about how they met.

    *John's white guy dance and his David and Goliath picture with Snowflakegirl's mom.

    *Breakfast with John, LG, and Phat32 on Sunday morning.

    *Discussion of superheroes with Mantenna, Phat32, LG and Shazzam Guy on our way to the Sears Tower.

    *Coming back on the super-sonic train from the Sears Tower. Well, it wasn't suppose to be super-sonic, but I don't think the train driver knew that. Mantenna, the Meanies, and I had to hold on for dear life a few times.

    *Lunch with the super cool Meanies.

    Oh, the cheese at the Saturday night gathering was preeeetty good. A cheesy time was had by all, that's for sure.

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    Meeting Steve and Dave, real live TAR conteastants. I've told all my friends back home about it and we don't even have TAR in Denmark.

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    Tons of great memories.

    * Stargazer meeting me at the airport -- I was afraid we wouldn't recognize each other, but I knew her right away.

    * First meeting Shazzer and doing the screaming/hugging girly thing with her and Stargazer while John winced, rubbed his ear and shooed us into the hallway.

    * Sharing entrees with Shazzer because we both wanted to try the same two dishes.

    * Cell phone guy

    * Encountering SnowflakeGirl and Snowman, who'd lost us, by the elevator.

    * Watching Phat work his TAR-like magic, whipping out palm pilots and cell phones (and cash) to get us a bus to dinner and to get us downtown on Saturday.

    * Chatting with the supercool Spegses

    * Smoking cigars with the last few of our crew in the bar

    * Being among the sheeple trying to herd ourselves into downtown and to Navy Pier

    * Unk's near-faceplant on the subway

    * Plotting with OTS to run into Marshall Fields to find a bathroom, even if it meant we missed the trolley.

    * Finding and buying hat and scarf sets with Libra at Navy Pier, then standing with her in front of the bathroom mirror trying to make them fit our heads.

    * Being one of the ever-growing line of arm-linked, freezing Fortconners waiting for the shortest ghost ship trip in history

    * Planning, with Phat and Shazz and Manny at lunch, to adopt Manny.

    * Finding virtually everyone killing time before the ghost ship by hanging out in the bar at 3 p.m. No, we didn't drink much, why do you ask?

    * Watching a ghost-guy try to sneak behind Shazzer in the ghost ship, and her not even noticing because I'd been doing it to her the whole time and she thought it was just me.

    * Being among the last four to get back to the hotel, and being told that sorry, we'd all been eliminated from the race.

    * Sneaking off to the dance floor with Shazzer to shake our groove thangs without anyone else seeing us.

    * John's cow hat. John doing the thumb dance while wearing the cow hat.

    * Watching Jewels be sassy in the bar

    And many, many more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy

    * Sneaking off to the dance floor with Shazzer to shake our groove thangs without anyone else seeing us.
    One person saw you, my little grooving peas.

    *Seeing Manny and the Meanieswalking down the hall after a couple hours of no one arriving, breathing a sigh of relief that people were actually going to show up.

    *Paulie leaving probably the weirdest message some OTHER guy named John ever received when he called the wrong room. I'm sure an Evanglical Minister is still wondering who "Paulie" and "Stargazer" are, why they were excited that the "Meanies" had arrived, and why they had gone to the airport to pick up a "FORTer".

    *Meeting Lucy at the airport and just hugging each other leaning back to take another look, hugging again, and screaming.

    *Timidly walking into a room full of people and having John greet me with a hug and Wolf jump right up to say hello.

    * Gracie telling me about her friends laughing at her for going and then confessing that they love reality tv too.

    *Doing the schoolgirl scream when the "peas" were finally face-to-face (love you guys!).

    *Phat and me trying to get everyone over to the Ram and the look on Hector's face when I squealed, hugged him, and kissed his cheek.

    *Laying on the bed in OTSand Shazzer's room, discussing life and relationships.

    *Helping Lucy pick out clothes

    *The human warmth chain

    * Seeing the warm smile on LG's face everytime I walked into a room. Her and sher are just rays of sunshine.

    *Watching spegs and Paulie pose for pictures next to her av that he found made out of stained glass

    *Meeting the Snowflakes and watching Mama Snowflake pose with John.

    *Listening to astrogirl, Paulie, Steve and Dave discuss TAR

    *Seeing Lucy and libra in their little matching hats and gloves.

    *Listening to Jewelsy's sweet, lyrical voice for the first time.

    *Seeing Squatman in his lovely suit and tie

    *Unk talking about THOSE people and his "no hands!" routine.

    *Saying an impossibly long, teary goodbye to Lucy

    *The breakfast crew on Sunday morning

    *Finding out that each person's personality was *exactly* what I expected. I was only surprised that some could be even cooler in person than they are online.

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    Hi, Olivia!
    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    Phat, you're still the master navigator of the trip, even though we couldn't recognize the tallest building in America.
    The most ironic part of that is that back home I've gotten lost driving home from work. As for "we couldn't recognize...," thanks for covering, but there was no we about it. I walked right up to the wrong building and wonderered why it was locked. Mr. Meanie very politely steered me away from it.

    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    We did fabulous on that final leg, despite the agents all around. Kudos to my racing partner.
    Cheers, my dear. But it wasn't a one-person show. Remember, we came up with the idea on how to retrieve our luggage at precisely the same moment.

    A word on why all the Matrix references: LG. and I were in line for the elevator ride down from the Sears Tower, when out of nowhere, I muttered, "I have just had the most severe sense of déjà vu, but how did I ever envision standing at the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago with LG.?...Well, I guess you know what that means: déjà vu means something's changed in the Matrix."

    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    Our groups uncanny ability to find a bar everywhere we looked, and then Phat's complete inability to locate a liquor store in Chicago. That's inconceivable!
    It occurred to me that, even had I found a liquor store, I wasn't going to be able to carry ten bags of ice and five suitcases of Pabst back up to the room by myself. Besides, how were 25 people going to fit in that room?? (The answer, of course: Very carefully.)

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    I just don't know if I can come up with a list of specific favorite moments, I had such a good time all weekend! So pretty much any moment between meeting Shazzer at the airport on Friday to hugging Libs goodbye as we went to our respective gates at O'Hare on Monday!

    Okay, I'll try. Some memories that stand out...

    *Seeing Shazzer for the first time and recognizing her from a long way down the terminal
    *Getting to know LG, Paulie and Sher at the first dinner
    *Sitting and talking with SnowflakeGirl in the bar. I instantly felt like I had known her forever. Snowman and Snowmom were also very cool.
    *Chatting with John over many drinks and way too many cigarettes
    *Surfing the FORT with a group of FORTers
    *Freezing and laughing our way to and from Navy Pier, thanks to Phat's palm pilot, several well-timed questions, and sheer luck
    *Clinging to Spegs in terror as Mr. Spegs led us bravely into the ghost ship
    *Unk in his lampshade and John in his Cow-hat
    *The silly photo shoot in the hallway
    *Talking about music with Manny
    *Tequila shots Thanks, phat!
    *Arm-wrestling with Libs
    *Breakfast at Denny's
    *Going downtown with Libs and Shazzer without getting lost at all!
    *Dinner at the Ram with Shazzer, Libs, Manny, Blue Meanie, and Mrs. Meanie (G.B. ) Who could ever forget that mudpie?
    *Hanging out in Jewelsy's room, laughing and having a good time with her and Libs, Shazz, Manny, and the Meanies

    It was an amazing thing to meet all of you that I have come to know and love for your online personalities, and also to get to know some people with whom I had seldom, if ever, chatted with before. What a great group of folks! While several people couldn't come - whom I would have loved to meet - I thoroughly enoyed the company of those who did attend. Thanks again to Stargazer and the planning committee, and to all those who went to great effort to get to Chicago. I had so much fun and can't wait for the next time!
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