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Thread: Photos from FORTcon

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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberieblond
    Looks like a great time was had by all!! (And see how normal you all look....not a serial killer in the bunch.....

    That's cause I stayed home this time.
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    I love looking at all these photos! I almost cried seeing them. I miss you guys. God bless all of you. You were all just as cool in person and I hope we all see each other in 2005.
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    Here's what our nametags were like. Star sure did a good job of setting this up. To everybody involved in the preparation of FORTcon 2004 a big

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    Ok, I've got a couple to share.

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    Great pictures, Lucy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilikai
    That's cause I stayed home this time.
    Ili, that's very ironic, because people were asking about what you were really like (and if you terrified the mods like you scare the rest of the board).
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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    But Jewelsy drank most of the tequila anyway, so no biggie.
    Yeah, and I HATE tequila, so it's John's fault.

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    TAR4 ATC Dave
    Nice pictures to all, and thank heavens there aren't too many with myself in them! It was a blast meeting all of you, and I hope we get the chance again with FortCon Deuce!


    PS: Astrogirl - I would so love to take you off the Xmas card list for your refusal to lie to us, but you were too nice otherwise. I guess I'll have to leave you on for another year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by phat32
    Next year, Vegas? If there's some old school chum you have to look up, I'm looking at John, Manny and Scott, and the next thing you know, you're bound and gagged and headed down to the "99-cent Chi-Chi Bar" with us, whether you like it or not.
    I've got relatives in Vegas, but I'd rather spend the time with you guys. All I'll have to do is sit mr. gracie in front of a slot machine and tell the waitress to keep him supplied with Jack & Coke. I should be good for a couple of days. He'll never notice I'm gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gracie
    I've got relatives in Vegas, but I'd rather spend the time with you guys. All I'll have to do is sit mr. gracie in front of a slot machine and I should be good for a couple of days. He'll never notice where I am.
    Mm. You get a lot more mileage out of the nickel slots (trust me, I know), but the offers for free drinks don't come around as often. So you're giving the casino less money, but you're buying your own drinks!

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