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Thread: Have fun at FORTcon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkwdood
    We'll have to HOLD DOWN THE FORT!!!!
    That's very witty!!

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    I believe I'll have the steak and potato. Looks delicious.
    I have a good recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake if anyone wants it, PM me.

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    no computers at the fortcon? I would imagine the room to be full of computers on fansofrealitytv.com on it. I guess it's all about the people...

    Hope you guys have a fun time, and like MKW said, we will hold thsi place down for you.

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    For anyone that's interested, some of our FORT friends may have been attending the Bulls exhibition game against the Hornets... it must have been a very good game, cause the Bulls won in overtime 103-100. Andres Nocioni got 15 points for the Bulls, while Baron Davis came in as the top scorer, albeit still on the losing team with 16 points.

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    that's not good news, since i was rooting for the Hornets. I dislike the Bulls, even when they had Jordan. I don't know why, just like i dislike the Yankees. I really don't know why.

    Don't attack me!

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    I'm so jealous. I hope y'all are having a blast in Chicago! Take lots of pics.

    I'll be here with DFleming and all the others wearing a FORT t-shirt and chowing down on the virtual fish n chips. Good times.

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    Just wait til we take the virtual tours of all the museums and art galleries tomorrow
    (Not to mention virtual shopping on the magnificent mile, and virtual fun on Navy Pier!)

    That's one benefit we get... we can visit all three places in one morning, while they can only go to the one

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Here's hoping all the women have enough drinks to log on and think I look good... even though I am not there... think of me often enough to realize "You know, for a pervert, this guy isn't half bad."
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    Have fun everyone, wish I could have had time to drive down.

    Hopefully we won't hear that anyone wound up at 26th and California.
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    Well good morning Virtual FORTConers!

    This morning we're going to tour the city of Chicago starting with Navy Pier October is the month to visit, as the Fear and Funfest is on!

    There's all sorts of other things going on at the pier too! Including the Pier Walk, a walk that includes a whole bunch of sculptures... including my personal favorite, the two-headed duck:

    They also have a webcam that I'm not able to open on my computer... but you can check to see if you see any Real FORTconers if you really want to

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