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Thread: New but love it!!

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    New but love it!!

    Ok I really don't know if this fits anywhere but I really want to put my 2 cents in on all this "DRAMA" personally I think Matt and Kassie are great together but I also feel that Matt showed no real intrest in Kassie till she got 1/2 of Michaels money. I may be wrong .(please correct me if I am.) I don't really like Jason at all. As for Chris, gay? I am having second thoughts about it. I think he is playing this game to win and thats it!!! Let's see who is trust worthy and who isn't is what he is thinking. (my option)

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    Oh I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but Forever Eden just got the ax by FOX.

    But I was enjoying it while it lasted as well.
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    I honestly thought the same thing about Matt suddenly interested in Kassie after she got Michael's money too.
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