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Thread: Interview Questions for Michael

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    Interview Questions for Michael

    I am scheduled to do an interview with Michael on Monday at Noon MST. If you have any questions you would like me to ask him, please post them here or e-mail them to me at lobeck@fansofrealitytv.com.


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    Did you watch PHo?
    What did you do with your money?
    Have you kept in contact with any other contestants?
    How he feels about Kassie?
    Who did he have a bond with?

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    A good question for Michael: When did you first decide on leaving Eden and why?

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    Watching the episodes now, who's character through editing most surprises you?

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    ask him does he regret giving the money to Kassie and if he does who else would he have given the money to

    ask him what was the whole story behiind his lil' altercation with David when he dressed nerdy...

    ask him did he leave because he was the only black on there and felt outa place and how did/does his family feel about him going on a sleezy Fox reality show

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    When Wallace and David dressed up, was Michael really mad, or was that just editing?

    Did he really tell Jordan he'd give him all his $$?

    Why leave Eden?

    Were the cast members as fed up with the twists as we were?

    Is Claudia as ditsy as we think she is?

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    What's with the really odd fear of cats?

    What types of food is served? Is it "anything you want"?

    Why not just stay there and keep collecting $$? Just sit back and do nothing and get voted off later.

    Why did you act so freaked out that David was dressing dorky?

    Did you and Kassie have sex? Was it more than "friendship" you two shared?

    What was the least favorite thing about the island/experience/game, and what was you favorite thing about it all?

    Do you regret anything?

    Would you do it again?

    ETA: Did you REALLY have to burn your license/picture (or whatever he burned) when you first got there? If so...were you ticked off?
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