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Thread: 4/9 Episode Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    New Girl .. Michelle was it? Looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down... then she applied her 1978 makeup with a trowl. and... she looks even uglier when she cries!

    I can't wait for 'the most explosive episode yet' If they frikkin disappoint me there will be hell to pay

    I laughed so loud at this that I my cat woke up & gave me the evil eye!
    Yes, that new girl is a piece of work. Wonder where they dug her up from?

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    Maveno, you don't quite have enough smiley's.. go back and add some more.. hehe, jk...

    anyway, i sadly missed the beginning.. what exactly did wallace do that we all think he is gay now?
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    It wasn't really what he did at the beginning, Wallace was all buddy-buddy with Chris .. and he was either oblivious or enjoying the physical contact between the two of them.
    Later in the epi Wallace and Matt were the bread in a freaky dancing Chris sandwich.
    I don't think Wallace is gay, he's so laid back that it's probably not his nature to freak out like other 'wholly hetero' guys might. Wallace seems like a bit of a teaser - he clearly gave Chris' bum a little squeeze after the 'what you do behind closed doors is your business, just dont try to convert me' talk.
    It's hard to say.
    The clear metrosexual on the show is certainly Jordan.
    Jahim a total yeahthat to your sigline.. although I give FE until PH2 starts before it gets cancelled.
    The smartest move for FOX would be to put FE in PH's time slots. I enjoyed the show more this week - they actually showed more of whats happening 'on the island' and we got a little more insight into the cast. I much prefer that format.
    Lets face it.. this show is billed as a soap - not a game. The cast is playing it like a game, we are watching it as a game, TPTB are showing it as a game. I don't see this show as a 'soap' at all. eta: because its not being shown as a soap so how do they expect us to view it as a soap.
    Maveno & xmaskat I'm so dorkily happy to have amused you even a little bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    ....cameras pan to Neveen alone in bed!! She's so low on the totem pole, she doesn't even register as an option...

    I know I'm way late in getting to this thread, but anyway, WTF with the 'Tree of Truth' ? Just call it Pandora's box since thats exactly what it is.

    And whats up with Wallace not wanting anyone to know he banged Brooke? Is she not pretty enough for him or is he afraid of ruining his chances with Chris?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FinallyHere
    And whats up with Wallace not wanting anyone to know he banged Brooke? Is she not pretty enough for him or is he afraid of ruining his chances with Chris?

    Wallace doesn't want "his girl" at home knowing that he's banging Brooke. Shhh, it's a secret. If we don't talk about it and keep denying it ever happened she probably won't find out.

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