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Thread: 4/9 Episode Discussion *Spoilers*

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    ouch..no face shots of the new girl please

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    I don't want to seem brutal before we even see much of her (Michelle), but she seems like trash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmaskat
    Here comes Michelle with her balloon tube top and the extreme eye makeup
    ...and attitude.

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    Looks like the next episode is gonna be the "most explosive episode yet." O_O

    Michelle is likely gonna cause some major trouble in Eden.

    Surprised that there was no banishment ceremony this time. o_0

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    Quote Originally Posted by DVG
    Surprised that there was no banishment ceremony this time. o_0

    Maybe the producers finally got wise to the fact that if people were booted too fast, the audience wouldn't have time to even care about the revolting (oops I meant revolving) cast.
    Or maybe, the twist tonight was...... there was NO banishment. Wow, how is that for a twist!

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    Anyone record this, I messed up when I tried, I would be willing to pay for shipping fees?

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    Sorry, I didn't record it, seeing that I was able to watch it (I would never miss an episode of Forever Eden for ANY reason).

    Man, I wish it could've been on next week. :/

    I think there should be a special 2-hour episode the week after to make up for lost time.

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    ok I just finished watching
    Liz is a bitch, a good looking, intelligent, athletic bitch.
    Kassie is a cold hearted bitch - but we already knew that
    Wallace is still acting like he's in high school - making out with the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, but no one can know :rolleyes
    Matt still annoys the heck out of me but I do have some respect for him for telling Kassie how cold she was.
    Jordan is in the closet. He's so girl crazy he's got it backassward. And um nice Rogain treatment ... was that pimple cream or moisturizer??
    Jason is a huge pain in the ass.. I'd take the first opportunity to drown him.
    Neveen has no class, taste or style. She'd be better off to keep her foolish mouth shut.
    Claudia is a hot house flower..wilts and dies when it is out of it's environment
    David - still liking him. He's cute and he actually has morals.. and rightfully feels 'above' Liz
    Chris has got to come out of the closet soon - or FE has to bring in a mate for him
    Brooke is easy.. I kind of feel sorry for her though, Wallace is taking advantage of her crush on him .. let me tell you, if I ever got a bootie call in the middle of the night and the guy told me to head back from whence I came if anyone saw me I'd be telling his sorry ass exactly where to get off!!
    Oh and Brookie.. you should have packed 2 pair of earrings :rolleyes
    New Girl .. Michelle was it? Looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down... then she applied her 1978 makeup with a trowl. and... she looks even uglier when she cries!

    I can't wait for 'the most explosive episode yet' If they frikkin disappoint me there will be hell to pay
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    *scratches my head*

    um, who comes on a sleezy reality show on FOX to read a bible

    i am also convinced that this Jordan is a paid actor plus he's gay

    so we now have 3 gay and/or bicurious guys on the show (chris, wallace, jordan)

    dr. teeth is the only str8 dude on there

    i hate Kassie now, i hope Mike hit it b4 he left

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    OMG Duxxy!! You totally killed me!! Thanks for making me laugh so hard!

    "In the shadow of that ancient tree..you must only speak the truth" [mod edit]!! How funny is THAT?! "Tree of Truth".. Wow.

    Chris..how cute is he?! Wallace is totally teasing him! What's with this whole "using Brook as a cover" thingy? I don't get that. Wouldn't she be used as a cover, if people KNEW that he screws her? What is he trying to cover?? *cough*thathe'sbi*cough Did I hear Wallace right when he said he HAS A GF?? Ho boy..

    Brooke. What a total tard if she actually WENT to Wallace's room, especially after he told her to hightail it if someone sees her!!! omg, how strange was that?!?! If Brooke told me that they just "cuddled", I'd immediately know that she probably was up all night, cuddling.

    Matt and Kassie?!?! wtf?! Suddenly we've got a hook-up and it's virtually out of nowhere. What an odd couple too...he just grosses me out and she thinks she's all that. Also, how bitchy can she get towards the resident bible reader?? With Matt...he's acting as if they've been together for years with how he acts towards her. I think it was cali who said, "so much for missing Michael"..or something like that. Yeah.. ::sob Michael sob:: Maaattttttt...mmMMmmmmm kiss meeeee!! -same day-

    Neveen. Can that chick get anymore gross??? It was funny that they chose to have the men wear her clothes. My instant thought was they chose her wardrobe cause it's the most tackiest, 80's style stuff and it would garner the most laughs. My gf said, "HA! Cause she's the biggest one!" Funny stuff. Oh yeah..wth was up with not being able to sleep alone?? Get a grip. Go sleep outside someone's door then.

    Claudia.. ummm...errrr...uhhh...dunno what to say about her. Reading a bible, sobbing , saying Eden is hell, blah blah blah. BANISH HER!! She's boring me.

    David. He's still my favorite. He does no wrong in my eyes.

    Jordan. He's got some products baby!! Funny how he was talking about how everyone is "hooked" up and he has nobody! But then the cameras pan to Neveen alone in bed!! She's so low on the totem pole, she doesn't even register as an option.

    Liz. David is right you lil bitch...don't be getting him all involved in crap that doesn't include him just because you have a bad attitude!! :nono or else

    The new girl. Ewwwww! Those boobs are really, really too big. But what bugs me the most is how she's saying, "I'm going to make it MISERABLE for all of them!!" I'm thinking..."why??" You want to stay on the show and make $$$, WHY would you want to start [mod edit] from getgo?? Go ahead stupidhead..make it (yawn) miserable for everyone, before you know it..you'll be BANISHED!

    Anyway...This post was my time killer for my last half hour of work, hope it didn't bug anyone.
    The show is getting more and more interesting to me. I'm happy to see how they're subtly bringing PHo stuff into the mix, I think it'll help. I'm liking it now...hopefully they keep a nice even pace like this.
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