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Thread: 3/25 Show discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdobolina
    I think Neveen's eye rolls and dances and her little "phffft" lip fart sound she made after hearing why Shawna chose jason ("I want to get to know him more" "he's cool"....yeah right Shawna, don't you mean "I want to stay in Eden so I can say what a tool jason is behind his back to Wilson-or whatever that preppie boys name is") are great. She's a real person, not a fake bitch like most of the other girls. It's like High School, and Neveen is the cool rebel girl who see's right through all of the cheerleaders' bullsnot.
    I avoided reading any of the show's spoilers until after I did my recap because I didn't want anyone's perceptions to sway me. Deep, isn't it? I agree, mrdob, I found the above scene to be the one of the funniest parts of the show. At least Neveen seems "real."

    *THE* funniest part for me would have to be the cat incident.

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    yeah, what was up with the whole cat thing??

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    Liz - Stupidest Girl in Eden?

    Okay, let's go over how I thought the last episode was going to play out:

    Claudia and David would be a couple.
    Brooke and Michael would be a couple.
    Kassie and Matt would be a couple.
    Shawna and Wallace would be a couple.
    Liz and Neveen would both go to Jason and Jason would choose Liz as his partner.

    Then.. Claudia just HAD to change her partner.

    David, Wallace, Shawna, and Liz all wanted to stick together and watch each other's backs, right? So if Liz was smart, after Claudia chose Wallace to be her new roommate, Liz should have still went to Jason so Shawna could have gone to David because David and Jason would have picked them both.

    The group would still be together and Jason would think he was in on it because he saved Liz, so the group would have someone they could tell what to do. Liz is stupid and got the only girl I liked on Eden banished.

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    I see your point, but we can't assume who people would pick. We only see certain interactions between guests.

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    I thought that too. But Liz has to make sure she's safe, before Shawna. It wasn't for sure that Jason would pick her over Neveen.

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