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Thread: How are the ratings for this show?

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    yeah, except 24 hasn't been on in more than a month...

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    Well I have to admit that I have become hooked. lol

    Not that it is a show that I can't live without but I am beginning to look forward to it each week. I hope it hangs around for a while.

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    Watched it once, man it was stupid. Like a cross between paradise hotel and temptation island, only much too dramatic and just bad. First DAY they had people crying and going crazy...

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    I think the show should air Tuesday nights and Thursday nights - since Survivor, Friends, and The Apprentice are all ending soon, Forever Eden will basically have no competition on Thursdays, and I don't think there is anything else that I WOULD watch on Tuesday besides AI (and ANTM when it was on). So I would love Forever Eden to be on both those nights.

    I like this show. I think it's good. I enjoyed the last episode a lot although was SO disappointed at how things played out. I can't wait until it's on again.

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