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Thread: Drunken/Slurring Arguments

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    No, but everyone else around him uses his teeth to open their beer bottles. Maybe that's why they are keeping him around.

    OMGoodness! That was the very first time I actually spit my drink out onto my keyboard! Next time- warning please

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Actually, I remember one time on PH where both Dave and Charla were drunk enough that I thought I heard some slurring. It was Dave's first night, when he made a total ass of himself, and toward the end of the show with Charla when she wanted to hook up with Keith. Maybe it was just me, but I'm pretty good at picking up on drunkeness, considering that I've been there myself more than a few times.

    Now I remember my college days when I could get drunk on Friday night, wake up hungover, and start slamming them down again (a la Khalilah). Now it takes me two (sometimes three) days to recover from one hangover. Getting old is rough...
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